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Welcome to Tufts Data Lab (formerly known as the GIS Center). The Data Lab is a new teaching and research computing lab designed to foster collaboration and innovation across all campuses and departments. The Data Lab provides methodological and technological service and support for data reference, analysis, and visualization for both geospatial and non-geospatial applications.

The Data Lab consists of a Computing Lab, a Collaborative Space, and an Instructional Classroom. It is designed to facilitate teaching, learning and collaboration. For a complete description all three spaces, or instructions on how to reserve the Instructional classroom, please see Data Lab Space.

The Data Lab offers a wide range of services to the Tufts community and is equipped with specialized hardware and software. The Data Lab is staffed with student Lab Assistants, and is open for walk-in assistance and resources, group collaboration, workshops and classes, along with more advanced GIS and statistical consultations. For a complete description of our services, please see Services & Support.

This service is provided through a collaboration between Tufts Technology Services (TTS), Tisch Library, and Ginn Library.

Account & Policies Information

Access to the Data Lab is open to Tufts faculty, students, and staff through the use of their Universal Tufts Login Name (UTLN) and password. Allowing others to sign in using your account is prohibited.

GIS users may request a user account if they intend to primarily use the lab for GIS purposes. User accounts provide automatic network connect to all the GIS network drives, in addition to 4 gb of personal network storage (H drive) that is backed up on a nightly basis. To obtain an account, please complete the GIS Account Request Form and return it to the GIS-support email address.

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