Exhibit Designer (Visual Information Specialist)

National Park Service

Harpers Ferry Center, Harpers Ferry, WVA

Full Time, Term (May be extended up to 4 years)

Visual Information Specialists at Harpers Ferry Center┬ámanage the contracted design, development, and/or production of indoor and outdoor exhibits, interpretive and visual information specialist (informational) waysides, and digital media. Indoor exhibits may include three-dimensional structures, “immersive” environments, historically furnished rooms or vignettes, panel graphics, and specialized exhibit components such as artifact cases, dioramas, models, interactive devices and programs, audiovisual elements, and exhibit lighting. Outdoor exhibits are extensions of indoor interpretive themes carried to outdoor settings. Interpretive or informational waysides may include complex panel layouts, maps, tactile elements, or audio messages presented at multiple sites throughout a park. Designs, creates, develops, and produces new and innovative digital media that may include mobile applications, social media, web sites, interactive features for exhibits and kiosks, and new media products.

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Job Information
  • Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, 25425, United States
  • 27886484
  • April 12, 2016
  • Exhibit Designer (Visual Information Specialist)
  • National Park Service
  • Exhibitions
  • No
  • Full-Time