Job Description – Project Manager

Old City Hall Courtyard Improvement Project

Position Overview

The Project Manager will be responsible for the Old City Hall Courtyard Improvement Project. Primary duties include managing the project task list, budget and schedule. The Project Manager will accomplish these duties by both direct performance and by delegating tasks where appropriate, ensuring that they are completed in satisfactory fashion and on time. Additionally, the Project Manager will be the primary point of contact and supervisor for consultants, report on the project’s progress to AHF staff and president, and interface with project stakeholders and the general public and as the company’s representative responsible for social media engagement.

The position is half-time, salaried, and is anticipated to run for a period of 6-9 months with the potential for extension.  The Project Manager will work in the AHF office in Old City Hall. The position may require periodic attendance at and participation in public meetings and functions in the evenings.


Position Duties

  • Creation and maintenance of the project task list, budget and schedule, developed in conjunction with the project team. Execution, delegation and oversight of project tasks. Ensuring that tasks are completed in full and on time. Maintaining project budget and schedule, with input from project team and consultants.
  • Running of regular project meetings.
    • Preparation of meeting agenda.
    • Managing meeting activity.
    • Preparation of meeting notes.
  • Maintenance of project files, both paper and digital.
  • Management of Massachusetts Cultural Council Facilities Fund Grant and required reporting associated with Grant.
  • Act as primary point of contact for the project team, consultants, stakeholders and the general public.
  • Management of permitting and approvals process with City of Boston departments, Massachusetts Historical Commission and other public entities.
  • Maintenance of the Project Write Up. The Write Up is a constantly evolving document that summarizes the key elements of the project and describes its current status. It is an internal document used for supervision.
  • Preparation of project summary documents for distribution to the Board of Directors.
  • Management of ongoing social media campaign and public information dissemination through already established website and social media platforms, and other public and social media engagement


Minimum Bachelor’s Degree.  Background and/or interest in project management is desired.

Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential.

Candidate should demonstrate ability to break a large project into component tasks and to cope with long-term deadlines. Candidate should be able to manage a wide range of responsibilities and adapt easily to a changing list of tasks, including meeting unforeseen short-term goals. Candidate should also be able to respond to unexpected delays or set backs with ease.

AHF is a Macintosh-based office. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite is a plus.

Contact Information

Please forward resume and qualifications to

Sean McDonnell


Architectural Heritage Foundation

Old City Hall

45 School Street

Boston, MA 02108


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