Happy New Year Museum lovers!

Here’s to the next twelve months of dialogue, thoughtful interpretation, social action, and reflection in our institutions.

With a new year, comes a host of new museums opening around the world!  Here are 8 new museums opening in 2018. Take a look, be inspired, and plan a visit!

  •  Guardian Art Center, Beijing
    • Opening: May 2018
    • This institution serves the public in a bi-fold manner; a museum and a modern auction house. It is an innovative idea for a creative, modern space set amid the ancient backdrop of Beijing
  • The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration, Montgomery, Alabama
    • Opening: April 2018
    • This powerful museum, located at the location of the former slave warehouse in Montgomery, will explore historical and contemporary issues of slavery, segregation, racial terrorism, etc.
  • Grand Egyptian Museum, Giza Egypt
    • Opening: Late 2018
    • Not only does this massive institution display objects relating to Egypt’s colorful history, this museum provides one of the best views from which to view the colossal pyramids!
  • Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Richmond, VA
    • Opening: April 2018
    • The largest arts project in this college’s history, this Institute of contemporary art will be opening with a show comprised of 30 artists, all dealing with contemporary, Social Issues
  • Victoria and Albert Museum of Design, Dundee, Scotland
    • Opening: Late Summer 2018
    • Scotland’s first museum to exclusively display design throughout the 20th century, is anchored in the River Tay, Yes, it is an actual floating watercraft.
  • Nordic Museum, Seattle, Washington
    • Opening May 2018
    • Even the structure of this museum screams NORWAY, as the angular walls are meant to represent fjords. Check out Scandinavian film, art, history, and culture in this smartly designed space.
  • Glenstone Museum, Maryland,
    • Opening: late 2018
    • This museum, featuring landscape, architecture, and contemporary art, is set to include a water garden in its newly constructed space right outside of DC.
  • Fotografiska, London
    • Opening November 2018
    • With an original branch in Sweden, this photography museum is expanding to London, and will feature exhibits all year round from legendary photographers