Reasons to major in math: Check out this University of Georgia site! It’s informative!

Mathematical Societies

Check out American Math Society (AMS) math resources for undergrads, as well as student sites at the AMSMAA , and SIAM.

Diversity and Biographical Information

Summer Research Opportunities

Summer research opportunities for women students:

Mathematical Institutes (which often have summer programs):

Graduate Programs

Web sites of graduate schools Tufts undergrads attended:

General advice and support for graduate school and beyond:

  • Here are two good books (and 2) with tips for survival in grad school and beyond.
  • Here is a good article about how to get into math graduate school (despite what it says, if you haven’t published, it is OK, although it is a good idea to try research to see if you like it!).
  • If you’d like suggestions about mentoring and research development for grad. students and beyond, check here.
  • A Ph.D. is not enough is a guide to people beginning their career in Science.
  • The Math. Association of America has a teaching support program for new college and university profs, Project NEXT.
  • The Mathematical Research Communities is a research support program for graduate students and recent Ph. D.’s. It provides summer conferences in a range of fields and then provides longer term mentoring and support. I was involved with the 2009 Inverse Problems conference, and it was a blast!
  • Some Free and legal math books are here.

Math Careers

University Job Ads for Ph.D.’s:

K-12 Teaching

Placement services for independent schools:

Summer teaching internships:

The Actuarial Profession

Related graduate programs:

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Please feel free to talk to your profs, advisor, or me if you would like more info. about research programs, graduate school, or careers and all that. Let me know if you’d like to borrow the department’s books about math careers.

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