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Math News

Here is a congratulations video for the class of 2021! Check out minute 3:56, and you’ll see that the math department is represented!

Tufts students are awesome, and the class of 2020 was not able to graduate in person. Check out the Math Department Congratulations Video!!

Tufts has NSF summer research program Visiting and Early Research Scholars’ Experience in Math (VERSEIM-REU). Our program is aimed at students early in their college career, and we are committed to enhancing the educational experiences of first-generation or underrepresented undergraduate students. Please check out the website and this article about the 2021 VERSEIM scholars.

  • A new SIAM book Computed Tomography: Algorithms, Insight and Just Enough Theory, editors Per Christian Hansen, Jakob Sauer Jørgensen, William R. B. Lionheart includes a chapter by TQ on limited data tomography.
  • There will be a birthday minisymposium on Modern Challenges in Imaging, Tomography, and Radon Transforms for TQ at the Inverse Problems Modeling and Simulation Conference , May 22-28, 2022
  • Here is the video for a talk in Vienna in 2021 on work with colleagues, James Webber and Eric Miller of the Tufts ECE department.
  • Here are the slides for a purer talk and here are slides a more applied talk on our analysis of artifacts in limited data X-ray CT with Leise Borg, Jurgen Frikel, Jakob Jorgensen. Both were given at the SIAM Imaging Sciences Meeting, June 2018, Bologna. Here is a preprint of the article.
  • Here is a talk I gave at BIRS in 2015 about the paradigm Jurgen Frikel and I developed to understand visible singularities and added artifacts in limited data tomography, including PAT and Sonar [SIAM J. Appl. Math., 75(2),(2015) 703–725. (23 pages)]
  • If you would like to learn about microlocal analysis and imaging, check out Microlocal Analysis in Tomography, with Venkateswaran Krishnan, a chapter in Handbook of Mathematical Methods in Imaging, 2e, Editor Otmar Scherzer, Springer Verlag, New York, 2015. The book is at:
  • Special issue of Sensing and Imaging, Recent Developments in Sensing and Imaging
  • Special issue of Inverse Problems, Generalized Radon Transforms and Applications in Tomography

  • Special issue of Inverse Problems, Modern Challenges in Imaging Guest editors: B. N. Hahn, E. T. Quinto, and G. Rigaud, 26 articles accepted.
    This issue was motivated by the conference of the same name at Tufts honoring Tufts’ only Nobel Prize winner, Allan Cormack, a pioneer in tomography.

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