November 24, 2020

Application for Spring 2021:

Please review very carefully the information provided here BEFORE applying. If you decide to apply, please do so by 11:59pm, Friday, December 11, 2020, Beijing time. 

  1. Information on Tufts@BNU Program
  2. List of BNU Colleges & Schools
  3. List of BNU majors
  4. BNU Academic Calendar
  5. BNU Dorm Info at Changping Campus
  6. Tufts@BNU application formThe PDF file is for reference only, so that you know what information and documents you need for your application. Please gather all the information and documents you need before you start your application. You must fill out the form online at:

Tufts@BNU Application-S2021

Please also consider the following additional information:

  1. COVID-19 could possibly impact the program, as with all locations, and we are working on contingency plans with BNU. We will update you soon on the parameters.
  2. Accordingly, you are advised to keep your Tufts course registrations for the time being even if you are applying to the Tufts@BNU Program.
  3. You will need to plan your course selection at BNU and online Tufts courses in close consultation with your Tufts Advising Deans, Faculty Advisor, and relevant Tufts academic departments to map out your spring semester plan as you work toward your degree.
  4. BNU spring semester dates:
    • Registration for Tufts students on February 21, 20201
    • Classes end in June
    • Final exams completed in June*
    • Summer vacation starts at BNU: 7/10*

*Tufts students may be able to leave BNU earlier once they complete their final exams, which usually take place in mid-June. It depends on your courses. We will keep you posted.