January 31, 2021

Translated Syllabi for Submitted Courses S2021

2021春季学期 北师大选课报名表 BNU Course Registration Form S2021

2021春季学期 北师大课程一览表 BNU Course List S2021

2021春节学期 北师大开放课课纲 BNU Open Courses for Tufts S2021

BNU Spring 2021 Course Policies

BNU Undergraduate Courses

BNU – Undergraduate Course Syllabi – 2020F-8-17

BNU Graduate Courses

BNU – Graduate Course Syllabi – 2020F 8-13


We advise that each student work with their major/pre-major advisor, advising dean, or graduate program department to select courses. For School of Engineering graduate students, please discuss the course selections with your academic faculty adviser (who will be assigned in SIS once you enroll).   

Undergraduate students are only eligible to take undergraduate-level courses at BNU; graduate students *may* take undergraduate-level courses at BNU, but you are strongly advised to consult with your academic faculty advisers about the impact of this decision on the completion of degree and program requirements.   


Please register for your Tufts-taught remote courses via SIS, if you have not already done so. As for your BNU courses, you must register for a minimum of 6 BNU credits (with a maximum of 12) from BNU’s course offerings. BNU course selections should be made via the course selection form (provided in previous emails), which must be submitted no later than September 5th, 2020.  

Undergraduates students must take a total of at least 12 credits/SHUs from Tufts-taught and BNU-taught courses combined, adding up to no more than 18 credits in total. We encourage new/incoming students to take the majority of their courses through Tufts’ online course offerings. School of Engineering graduate students should discuss their course selections and total course load with their faculty advisers.   


All courses taken on the Tufts@BNU program, whether Tufts-taught or BNU-taught, will appear on the transcript as Tufts credit, either in a corresponding department (if one exists at Tufts) or as ‘All-College’ credit (if one does not exist at Tufts). However, whether courses can count toward a specific department/degree and how they count toward major/degree requirements is up to the major department or degree program to determine.   

  • Undergraduate students: it is possible to have a BNU-taught course approved electronically by a Tufts department as lower-level or upper-level credit toward the major, or equivalent to a specific course at Tufts. To do so, log in to SIS, click on “Classes” then select “Request a Transfer of Credit” from the drop-down menu, then click on “Add New Equivalence Request for Tufts Programs Abroad Only.”   
  • For graduate students: please consult with your academic faculty adviser on how courses might be used toward your program and degree requirements.  


As Tufts@BNU fall 2020 is considered a Tufts/”in-residence” semester, and students will receive Tufts credits for their coursework, they are eligible to make changes to their courses per Tufts policies and deadlines. Students should inform themselves of the exact course-change guidelines that govern their specific program of study; undergraduate course-change policies and deadlines are not the same as those for graduate students (for instance, graduate students may NOT elect courses to be taken EP/F). Moreover, first-year undergraduates have different deadlines from other undergraduate students. Please consult the academic calendar here for the specific deadlines:

Please use the “Tufts@BNU Course Change” Qualtrics form to officially request a course change to a fall 2020 BNU-taught course ONLY; for Tufts-taught courses, please use the self-serve course-change function in SIS. Please note that all Tufts@BNU course changes (both Tufts-taught and BNU-taught) must be requested by the deadlines outlined on the Tufts academic calendar: submissions are date- and time-stamped; forms submitted after the relevant deadline (drop, EP/F, or W) will not be approved.  Please consult with your academic adviser, advising dean, or academic faculty adviser (graduate students) at Tufts before requesting any changes to your courses to ensure that you understand the implications of any such course changes on your full-time enrollment status and your completion of requirements.   

If you are requesting course changes for more than one course, please submit one form for EACH COURSE.