February 12, 2021

2021 Spring Semester

重要通知 Important Notice:

访问生返校通知 Visiting Students Return to BNU Campus

2020 Fall Semester

“关于美国塔夫茨大学中国籍访问生入校北师大的报到通知” 更正如下:



  1. 本人身份证原件
  2. 核酸检测报告原件或连续14天在京的个人声明:纸质原件,其中个人声明须打印后本人亲笔签字,不可插入电子签名或签名图片。(注:本条要求参照2020年8月27日邮件“【北师大通知】关于核酸检测的具体要求”及其附件)。
  3. 访问生返校申请(点击下载):纸质原件,须本人亲笔签字。
  4. “关于美国塔夫茨大学中国籍访问生入校北师大的报到通知”邮件:纸质,打印该邮。

Updates for “Notice on Registration of Chinese Visiting Students from Tufts University in the United States” to Beijing Normal University.

Dear visiting students,

Please register at the Changping Campus of Beijing Normal University (Address: West District of Changping Campus, Beijing Normal University, Shahe Manjing Road, Changping District, Beijing) on September 6, 2020 (Sunday), enter the campus from the north gate of Changping Campus and arrive at the teaching The entrance of the lecture hall on the first floor of the complex building. You must bring the following materials for registration:

  1. Chinese ID card
  2. The original nucleic acid test report or the personal statement that has been in Beijing for 14 consecutive days: the original paper, where the personal statement must be printed and signed by the person himself. No electronic signature or signature picture can be inserted.  (Note: Refer to the email [Notice of Beijing Normal University] Specific Requirements on Nucleic Acid Testing” on August 27, 2020)
  3. Application for returning to school by visiting students (click to download): print out form, which must be signed in person.
  4. Print out the email “Notice on Registration for Chinese Visiting Students from Tufts University in the United States to Beijing Normal University”





  1. 姓名
  2. 北师大学号(同塔夫茨学号)
  3. 行程(火车班次或航班号、出发地点、出发日期和时间、抵京日期和时间)




You must have a negative nucleic acid test report of nasopharyngeal swab + test invoice within 7 days before entering the school.

Orientation all day on September 6th, but please try to arrive before the evening.

Please send Ms. Guo [Travel Information to Beijing]

  1. Name
  2. Beijing Normal University number (same as Tufts student number)
  3. Itinerary (train number or flight number, departure location, departure date and time, date and time of arrival in Beijing)

Dear students, the school has decided to reimburse the nucleic acid test fees when returning to school. On the day of returning to school, students need to provide relevant invoices and nucleic acid test reports. The invoice must be the same as the name on the Chinese ID card.

Please note that you will NOT be able to bring a family member onto the BNU campus to assist with your move-in. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.