Course Changes


Dear Tufts@BNU participants,

Now that your courses have been under way for a month, we are writing to update you on the policies and processes regarding course-change requests for this semester (outlined below). Please note that policies and deadlines vary by student status (first-year undergraduate, upper-class undergraduate, or graduate). It is therefore essential that you consult your adviser and the policies that govern your program of study carefully. Specific course-change deadlines are outlined on the Tufts Academic Calendar: 

All enrolled students should have received a reminder email from Student Services last week regarding the course-drop deadline: “This is a reminder that the last day for students other than first-year undergraduates to drop courses without record of enrollment is Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. EDT via SIS. Students who drop a course in SIS after this time will receive a grade of W.” (As explained below, only Tufts-taught courses may be dropped via SIS self-service; drop requests for BNU-taught courses must be submitted by the *extended* deadline via the Qualtrics form linked below. Therefore, if you wish to drop two courses, one Tufts-taught and one BNU-taught, you must request the former through self-service in SIS and the latter through the Qualtrics form.)

BNU course registrations: We have heard from a few of you that the required minimum registration of 6 credits at BNU has resulted in added stress. While we must formally uphold the minimums stipulated in our agreement with BNU, you are able to request that a BNU course *not* ultimately appear on your Tufts transcript. In order to do so, you must submit a drop request via the process outlined below.


As Tufts@BNU fall 2020 is considered a Tufts/”in-residence” semester, and students will receive Tufts credits for their coursework, they are eligible to make changes to their courses per Tufts policies and deadlines. Students should inform themselves of the exact course-change guidelines that govern their specific program of study; undergraduate course-change policies and deadlines are not the same as those for graduate students (for instance, graduate students may NOT elect courses to be taken EP/F). Moreover, first-year undergraduates have different deadlines from other undergraduate students. Please consult the academic calendar here for the specific deadlines:

Please use the “Tufts@BNU Course Change” Qualtrics form to officially request a course change to a fall 2020 BNU-taught course ONLY; given that we did not communicate with you in advance regarding the opportunity to drop a BNU-taught course (even if that means you will fall below the 6-credit requirement), we are allowing you until 5pm EST on 10/16/20 to submit drop requests for BNU-taught courses. (For Tufts-taught courses, you should have used the self-serve course-change function in SIS by the stated deadline outlined on the Tufts academic calendar: Form submissions are date- and time-stamped; forms submitted after the stated deadlines (drop, EP/F, or W) will not be approved. Please consult with your academic adviser, advising dean, or academic faculty adviser (graduate students) at Tufts before requesting any changes to your courses to ensure that you understand the implications of any such course changes on your full-time enrollment status and your completion of requirements.   

If you are requesting course changes for more than one BNU-taught course, you must submit one Qualtrics form for EACH COURSE.  

Best regards,

Tufts Global Education