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Congratulations to Our New E-Board!

We have officially elected our new e-board for the spring and fall of 2015! It’s been a wonderful year with our board, and good luck to all of our graduating seniors! We are so excited to welcome many new students to our board, and cannot wait for what the future will bring for the Pre-Vet Society!

2015 E-Board:

President: Nick Lordi

Nick Lordi

Vice President: Alena Naimark

Alena Naimark

Secretary: Camille Hironaka

Camille Hironaka

Treasurers: Harris Fitzgerel and Kendra Nowak

Harris Fitzgerel    Kendra Nowak

Webmasters: Riley Aronson and Elizabeth Liu (not pictured yet)

Riley Aronson

Peer Health Collaborative Liaisons: Sean Boyden and Risa Goldberg

Sean Boyden  RisaGoldberg

Student Representatives: Asia Acevedo and Jenn Duffy

Asia Acevedo   Jenn Duffy