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The Great Diseases curriculum is broken into four different modules. Each module consists of a 6-week course addressing topics related to a specific disease.
The modules are:

Infectious Disease
Neurological Disorders
Metabolic Disease

First, click on your Module of interest. Within each Module, there are five units, each corresponding to a week’s worth of lessons. Within each unit there are therefore approximately five forty-five minute lessons. The background reading, worksheets, handouts, and lesson plan are all downloadable from the main page for each lesson.

The Infectious Disease module has been fully developed and has gone through 3 enactments in three different schools with about 200 participating students. It has been thoroughly evaluated. Check with us if you would like to use it.

The Neurological Disorders curriculum has been enacted once and is currently under revision. It will be available for general dissemination in early 2013

The Metabolic Disorders curriculum is under development and will receive its initial pilot in Winter 2012.

Cancer will begin development in Spring 2013.

For content training and complete curriculum access, please contact us.