Virtual Activities

To help support teachers who are using the Great Diseases Curriculum in their virtual classrooms, we have begun to modify some of our favorite activities to be used virtually. It is our hope that these modified activities can be used by teacher with minimum prep work, while still being hands-on and engaging for students.

Below, you will find a list of the activities from the Infectious Diseases modules and instruction on accessing the activities. We would love to hear any feedback or ideas you have!

Infectious Diseases Virtual Activities

Activity NameLesson
Spread ActivityLesson 2.3
War Card GameLesson 3.3
Adaptation AuctionLesson 4.3
Antibody Design – V(D)J recombinationLesson 5.2

How to access

Click here to submit a request access to the curriculum. You will receive an email from us with in 48 hours.


If you already have access to the Great Diseases curriculum, click the link below to download the instructions for running the activities virtually.