Mini-Med School

Mini-Med School

In collaboration with scientists and doctors at Tufts University, we’ve developed an intensive summer program that gives high school students a taste of medical school. Students are paired with medical student mentors who guide them through medical case studies and a hands-on microbiology lab. Through lectures followed by Q&A sessions, students learn about a wide variety of subjects from the threat of antimicrobial resistance to kidney disease to what it takes to get into medical school. Throughout the program, students experience the challenge of science communication by creating a Capstone video about an important health topic. 

To learn more about the program and start your application visit the Tufts University College website.

2021 Featured Capstone Videos

The Story of Renowned Trans
Dr. James Barry

by Peggy Yang, Keiko Yuasa,
& Sinan Yucel

Fecal Microbiota Transplants
by Grace Park, Sheil Patel,
& Ethan Percival

The Case of the
Cardiovascular Conundrum

by Esha Surana, Brooklyn Trevisan,
& Harsheni Sudakar

What the Medical Community
is Ignoring
by Aaryn Sherman, Robert Shumway, 
& Jashia Sikder

Why do I Have to Get Vaccinated?
by Kiara Lavana, Ayana Lapierre,
& Jenna Ledley

Past Featured Capstone Videos