Human Subjects Research

Human Subjects Research: Face-to-face human subjects research where there is a lower risk of COVID-19 exposure may resume upon approval from Dr. Gerard Kugel. Face-to-face human subjects research where there is a medium or higher risk of COVID-19 exposure will continue to be suspended until further notice. 

We strongly encourage continue us of remote work whenever possible. Principal Investigators (PIs) and Faculty Advisors (FAs) are ultimately responsible for identifying and minimizing risks in human subjects research protocols, and for pausing research which cannot be safely conducted. If the protocol falls entirely within the features designated as lower risk develop a mitigation plan following the Tufts University Research Infection Control Manual and submit a request to resume your study to Dr. Gerard Kugel using the Ramp Up Request Form below. Please see below for additional links and resources

Face-to-Face Human Subjects Research:

Human Specimens Research