Tufts Tech Transfer

Tufts Tech Transfer and Industry Collaboration (TTIC) is responsible for facilitating the transfer of Tufts technology for public use and benefit. Please click here for more information about the Tufts TTIC and see links to highlighted research-related policies and guidance below. 

Policy on Rights and Responsibilities with Respect to Intellectual Property

“Frequently, inventions, discoveries, and creative works that are developed by individuals at the University will have commercial as well as scientific and scholarly value. The intent of this policy is to provide for incentives that foster creative activity and to help assure that any intellectual property produced will be exploited for the benefit of the creators, the University research enterprise, and the public.”

Invention Disclosure Form

The purpose of the Invention Disclosure Form is to record an invention so that the   Office for Technology Transfer and Industry Collaboration (OTTIC) can evaluate its patentability and commercial potential. Completing this form also enables the OTTIC to fulfill certain reporting obligations it may have to the U.S. Government or other sponsors of research.

Inventor’s Guide

The TTIC Inventor’s Guide provides details about the Tech Transfer process, IP Protection, Licensing, and FAQs.

Material Transfers

In keeping with academic policy and the objective of basic research, it is the policy of Tufts that results of research are promptly and openly available to others. TTIC can assist investigators who wish to transfer or receive materials from academic or industry colleagues. Tufts will not accept materials which would prohibit publication of research results, or disallow Tufts to own discoveries which may arise from the use of material received from other laboratories. Contact your LRA to initiate a Material Transfer Agreement for incoming or outgoing materials. 

Name Use Policy

The name “Tufts University” and how it is used affects both the institution as a whole and the individual members of the University community. Appropriate use of the name and insignias can benefit all, while inappropriate use may reflect negatively on both the institution and its individual members. Because of the far-reaching implications, oversight regarding the use of the University’s name and insignias, and the names of individual schools within the University (including web domain names that incorporate “Tufts” or the name of a Tufts school) will be conducted on an institutional level according to the principles and guidelines outlined in this policy.