Predoctoral Research

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine prides itself on the opportunities available for students to do research while pursuing full-time dental studies. Students conduct research in a wide range of areas, such as dental materials, public health studies, educational research, and basic science research. The majority of our research students work on their projects during the summer weeks either after their first, second, or third year. Our Dean’s Research Scholarship program allows for five motivated and exemplary students to be involved with research as soon as they enter dental school. Read more about the effect of this scholarship program on the student research participation at TUSDM.

Research Fellowship

The Student Research Fellowship Program provides predoctoral dental students with the opportunity to earn a stipend while performing research under the supervision of University faculty. Learn more and apply.

Learn more about finding a research mentor.

Research Travel Program

Tufts predoctoral students visit domestic and international headquarters of leading dental manufactures to conduct research with industry scientists. This opportunity allows students to gain insight into the multifaceted and interdisciplinary world of dental product manufacturing. The program fosters understanding and shared information which benefits the participants, their patients, Tufts community and the profession at large.

“Due to Covid-related travel uncertainties, the Research Travel Program is currently on hold.”

Bates-Andrews Research Day

Each year Tufts University School of Dental Medicine holds the Bates-Andrews Research Day to honor George A. Bates, an alumnus who taught Tufts medical and dental students. Learn more.

Other Presentation Opportunities
External Opportunities and Fellowships