General Visitor Information

For current university visitor information and vaccination requirements, see

Additional TUSDM-specific paperwork and processes may apply dependent on the activities of the visitor. Please contact DRA to ensure all needed requirements are completed prior to the visitor coming on site.

J-1 Student Interns

The International Center has developed information resources for academic departments and other units seeking to sponsor visiting students under the J-1 student intern program.

The J-1 student program is designed to allow Tufts faculty to sponsor students who are attending overseas institutions of higher education to come to Tufts to engage in full-time research internships related to their majors. Following completion of the internship experience – which may last from 3 weeks up to one year – the student interns are expected to return to their home institutions to complete their degrees. J-1 student interns are not eligible to matriculate into Tufts programs and are not permitted to take classes or pursue a degree objective at Tufts.

To begin the J-1 visa request, please reach out to your Department Administrator at TUSDM and complete the J-1 Visa Request Approval Form. The administrative steps needed to sponsor a J-1 student intern can be lengthy and complex, and requests should be submitted to the International Center at least 90-120 days prior to the scholar’s arrival at Tufts, to ensure adequate time for document processing.

For more information and updates around the J-1 program surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, please review our web resources and instructions here: If you have any questions, please contact Neriliz Soto-Gonzalez, Assistant Director, at