Sample Project

St. Paul's Cathedral

Virtual St. Paul’s Cathedral Project, by John N. Wall

This project is a digital recreation of worship and preaching at St. Paul’s Cathedral in early modern London. It includes 3D scans and tours of the cathedral and historical and acoustically accurate representations of Donne’s Gunpowder Day Sermon, delivered there in 1622.


Sample Datasets

  • Sonic Dictionary: a growing collection of more than 800 sound recordings created by university students to enhance the vocabulary of sonic experience
  • Penn Sound Archive: an archive of audio recordings, old and new
  • FMA: A Dataset for Music Analysis The FMA provides Creative Commons-licensed audio from 106,574 tracks from 16,341 artists and 14,854 albums, arranged in a hierarchical taxonomy of 161 genres. It provides full-length and high-quality audio, pre-computed features, together with track- and user-level metadata, tags, and free-form text such as biographies.


  • MEItoVexFlow: a JavaScript library to render MEI encoded-music notation using VexFlow
  • AugmentedNotes: A tool for created digital scores in which the audio for a piece is synchronized with its score
  • Paperphone: an interactive audio application that processes voice and sound materials live and in-context. Designed to challenge the privileging of text over act in humanities scholarship, Paperphone is a performative platform for scholars to unravel the expressive potential of voice and audio in sharing academic works