Climate Policy Briefs

Climate Challenges after the Glasgow Conference: The Roles of Forests and Soils, Anne-Marie Codur and Jonathan Harris, GDAE Climate Policy Brief #15, January 2022.

Farmers as Ecosystem Regenerators: Reimagining Agriculture with the Northeast Healthy Soil Network, Sam Polzin and Anne-Marie Codur, GDAE Climate Policy Brief #14, September 2021.

Land Value and Soil Quality: An Untapped Incentive Structure, Benjamin Johnson, GDAE Climate Policy Brief #13, June 2020.

Soil Carbon, Water Management, and Natural Infrastructure: Building Resilient Watersheds in the Northeastern United States, Sam Polzin, GDAE Climate Policy Brief #12, June 2020.

Ecological Economics of the Green New Deal, Jonathan Harris, GDAE Climate Policy Brief #11, August 2019.

China Moves Forward with Carbon Markets, Yifei Zhang, Jonathan Harris, and Jin Li, GDAE Climate Policy Brief #10, April 2018. See related working paper.

Climate smart or regenerative agriculture? Defining new climate policies based on soil health, Anne-Marie Codur and Josephine Watson, GDAE Climate Policy Brief #9, April 2018

A Critical Look at Forest Bioenergy: Exposing a high carbon “climate solution, Jamie Fanous and William R. Moomaw, GDAE Climate Policy Brief #8, March 2018

EU Bioenergy Policies Will Increase Carbon Dioxide Concentrations, William Moomaw, GDAE Climate Policy Brief #7, February 2018

Puerto Rico, Climatic Extremes, and the Economics of Resilience, Ramón Bueno, GDAE Climate Policy Brief #6, December 2017. Available in Spanish. See presentation and recording from related event.

Bonn Climate Conference Confronts New Urgency, Anne-Marie Codur and Jonathan Harris, GDAE Climate Policy Brief #5, November 2017. Available in Spanish.

Hope Below Our Feet: Soil as a Climate SolutionClimate Policy Brief #4, April 2017 This policy brief was produced in collaboration with Soil4Climate.

Forests, Soils, Grasslands and Wetlands: Key Allies in Meeting Climate GoalsClimate Policy Brief #3, April 2016

After Paris: The New Landscape for Climate Policy, Anne-Marie Codur, William Moomaw, and Jonathan Harris, Climate Policy Brief #2, Feb 2016

Paris Talks Get Underway, Anne-Marie Codur and Jonathan HarrisClimate Policy Brief #1, Dec 2015