Paris and Beyond: Climate Policy

The COP-21 climate talks in Paris represent a watershed moment for global climate policy. There is a widespread awareness of the urgent need to avoid the planetary catastrophes that would result from unrestrained carbon emissions. At the same time, technological progress has improved prospects for a rapid transition away from carbon-based fuels. Countries have prepared national commitments (INDCs or “Intended Nationally Determined Contributions”), which, whether adequate or inadequate, represent a start to global coordination on carbon emissions reduction. GDAE presents the following materials to address issues in climate science and economic policy. 

“Scientists Warning into Action, Local to Global” builds upon the original Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency published in 2019. It was published and released during the Climate COP in Glasgow in November 2021. It identifies multiple specific actions at different scales in six sectors: Energy, Pollutants, Food, Nature, Population and Economy. It has been endorsed by more than 2600 scientists from 110 countries.

Co-authored by William Moomaw, “Six Steps to Integrate Climate Mitigation with Adaptation for Social Justice” discusses climate adaptation and social justice in six sectors: Energy, Pollutants, Food, Nature, Population, and Economy, emphasizing opportunities for synergies with climate mitigation.

GDAE Co-Director William Moomaw is a co-author on a new article on adapting cities for climate change: Integrating Solutions to Adapt Cities for Climate Change The Lancet: Planetary Health July 5, 2021.

The Climate: 2020 In Review William J. Ripple, Christopher Wolf, Thomas M. Newsome, Phoebe Barnard, William R. Moomaw Scientific American, January 6, 2021.

World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency, William R Moomaw, William J Ripple, Christopher Wolf, Thomas M Newsome, and Phoebe Barnard, BioScience, November 5, 2019. The paper has been covered by The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Boston Globe, and USA Today.

Mass. must lead on climate change, William Moomaw and Jesse Mermell, 
CommonWealth, July 20, 2018

Faith and Science Joint Appeal for Climate ActionWoods Hole Research Center, with direct involvement of William Moomaw, May 23, 2018.

China Moves Forward with Carbon Markets, Yifei Zhang, Jonathan Harris, and Jin Li, GDAE Climate Policy Brief #10, April 2018. See related working paper.

Scientists and religious leaders gather to address ‘moral crisis’ of climate changeWoods Hole Research Center, with direct involvement of William Moomaw, February 22, 2018.

Bonn Climate Conference Confronts New Urgency, Anne-Marie Codur and Jonathan Harris, GDAE Climate Policy Brief #5, November 2017. Available in Spanish.

After Paris: The New Landscape for Climate Policy, Anne-Marie Codur, William Moomaw, and Jonathan Harris, Climate Policy Brief #2, Feb 2016

Paris Talks Get Underway, Anne-Marie Codur and Jonathan Harris, Climate Policy Brief #1, Dec 2015

Radio Interviews: Dr. Moomaw comments on Paris negotiations: A major move forward, but much work remains to reach needed targets. Listen on BBC Radio 5 (start at minute 9:30) and WBUR’s Here & Now

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