Frequently Cited

GDAE’s publications have been widely referenced and distributed. Below you can find GDAE’s most frequently cited books and working papers. If there is a particular publication you are trying to find but can’t locate on our new website, please email us at


The Public Economy in Crisis: A Call for a New Public Economics
June Sekera
Springer, 2016

Twenty-First Century Macroeconomics: Responding to the Climate Challenge
Jonathan M. Harris and Neva R. Goodwin
Edward Elgar Publishing, 2009
hardback: $140.00 ($90 with special 35% discount: enter code HARRIS09 at checkout)

In Their Own Hands: How Savings Groups Are Revolutionizing Development
By Jeffrey Ashe with Kyla Jagger Neilan
Berrett-Koehler, September 2014

Introducing Economics:
A Critical Guide for Teaching

Mark H. Maier and Julie A. Nelson
M.E. Sharpe, June 2007

The Flawed Foundations of General Equilibrium:
Critical Essays on Economic Theory

Frank Ackerman and Alejandro Nadal
Routledge, 2004

New Thinking In Macroeconomics
Jonathan M. Harris and Neva R. Goodwin, Editors
Hardcover and Paperback, 296 Pages
Edward Elgar, January 2004

Feminist Economics Today
Marianne A. Ferber and Julie A. Nelson, Editors
Cloth or Paper, 209 Pages
University of Chicago Press, 2003

Social Economics: An Alternative Theory
Neva R. Goodwin
Volume I: Building Anew on Marshall’s Principles
(St. Martin’s Press, 1991)

While this book is out of print, select chapters are available here:

Working Papers

15-02 “Economics and the Near-Death Experience of Democratic Governance” May 2015. June Sekera

15-01 “Mandating Food Insecurity: The Global Impacts of Rising Biofuel Mandates and Targets” February 2015. Timothy A. Wise and Emily Cole (Read Executive Summary and Action Aid Report)

14-03 “The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: European Disintegration, Unemployment and Instability” October 2014. Jeronim Capaldo (Working paper available in French, German, Italian, Spanish; Download the Executive Summary in EnglishCroatianCzechFrench, GermanHungarianItalianLithuanianPolishPortuguese, Slovak,

14-02 “Trade Hallucination: Risks of Trade Facilitation and Suggestions for Implementation” June 2014, Jeronim Capaldo (See related policy brief)

14-01 “Prices and Work in The New Economy” April 2014. Neva Goodwin (Opinión Sur published this paper in multiple parts in Spanish and Portuguese.) Also available in French and Spanish.

13-04 “Can We Feed the World in 2050? A Scoping Paper to Assess the Evidence” September 2013. Timothy A. Wise (Also available in French)

13-03 “Population, Resources, and Energy in the Global Economy: A Vindication of Herman Daly’s Vision” February 2013. Jonathan M. Harris (Also available in French)

13-02 “Green Keynesianism: Beyond Standard Growth Paradigms” February 2013. Jonathan M. Harris (Also available in Spanish, French and Chinese)

13-01 “Climate Impacts on Agriculture: A Challenge to Complacency?” February 2013. Frank Ackerman and Elizabeth A. Stanton

12-07 “Poisoning the Well, or How Economic Theory Damages Moral Imagination” October 2012. Julie A. Nelson (Also available in French)

12-06 “A Financial Crisis Manual: Causes, Consequences, and Lessons of the Financial Crisis,” December 2012. Ben Beachy

12-05 “Are Women Really More Risk-Averse than Men?” September 2012. Julie A. Nelson

12-04 “Is Dismissing the Precautionary Principle the Manly Thing to Do? Gender and the Economics of Climate Change,” September 2012. Julie A. Nelson

12-03 “Achieving Mexico’s Maize Potential,” October 2012. Antonio Turrent Fernández, Timothy A. Wise, and Elise Garvey (Published in Spanish by the Woodrow Wilson Center)

12-02 “The Cost to Developing Countries of U.S. Corn Ethanol Expansion,” October 2012. Timothy A. Wise (Read related Action Aid Report)

12-01 “The Cost to Mexico of U.S. Corn Ethanol Expansion,” May 2012. Timothy A. Wise

11-02 “Ethics and the Economist: What Climate Change Demands of Us,” May 2011. Julie A. Nelson.

10-06 “Does Profit-Seeking Rule Out Love? Evidence (or Not) from Economics and Law,” September 2010. Julie A. Nelson.

10-05 “The Macroeconomics of Development without Throughput Growth,” September 2010. Jonathan M. Harris.

10-04 “Buyer Power in U.S. Hog Markets: A Critical Review of the Literature” August 2010. Timothy A. Wise and Sarah E. Trist.

10-03 “The Relational Economy: A Buddhist and Feminist Analysis,” May 2010. Julie A. Nelson.

10-02 “Care Ethics and Markets: A View from Feminist Economics,” May 2010. Julie A. Nelson.

10-01 “Climate-Resilient Industrial Development Paths: Design Principles and Alternative Models,” February 2010. Lyuba Zarsky.

09-08 “Agricultural Dumping Under NAFTA: Estimating the Costs of U.S. Agricultural Policies to Mexican Producers,” December 2009. Timothy A. Wise.

09-06 “Between a Rock and a Soft Place: Ecological and Feminist Economics in Policy Debates,” June 2009. Julie A. Nelson.

09-04 “Sociology, Economics, and Gender: Can Knowledge of the Past Contribute to a Better Future?” April 2009. Julie A. Nelson.

09-03 “Economic Writing on the Pressing Problems of the Day: The Roles of Moral Intuition and Methodological Confusion,” April 2009. Julie A. Nelson.

08-01 “An Overview of Climate Change: What does it mean for our way of life? What is the best future we can hope for?” March 2008. Neva Goodwin.

07-04 “Living High on the Hog: Factory Farms, Federal Policy, and the Structural Transformation of Swine Production” December 2017. Elanor Starmer and Timothy A. Wise.

07-03 “Economists, Value Judgments, and Climate Change: A View From Feminist Economics,” October 2007. Julie A. Nelson.

07-01 “Policy Space for Mexican Maize: Protecting Agro-biodiversity by Promoting Rural Livelihoods” February 2017. Timothy A. Wise.

06-03 “Feeding the Factory Farm: Implicit Subsidies to the Broiler Chicken Industry” June 2006. Elanor Starmer, Aimee Witteman and Timothy A. Wise.

05-07 “Identifying the Real Winners from U.S. Agricultural Policies” December 2005. Timothy A. Wise.

05-05 “Teaching Ecological and Feminist Economics in the Principles Course,” June 2005. Neva Goodwin and Julie A. Nelson.

05-02 “Understanding the Farm Problem: Six Common Errors in Presenting Farm Statistics” March 2005. Timothy A. Wise.

04-03 “Is Economics a Natural Science?” March 2004. Julie A. Nelson.

04-02 “The Paradox of Agricultural Subsidies: Measurement Issues, Agricultural Dumping, and Policy Reform” May 2004. Timothy A. Wise.

04-01 “Beyond Small-Is-Beautiful: A Buddhist and Feminist Analysis of Ethics and Business” January 2004. Julie A. Nelson.

03-11 “Clocks, Creation, and Clarity: Insights on Ethics and Economics from a Feminist Perspective” October 2003. Julie A. Nelson.

03-06 “Free Trade, Corn, and the Environment: Environmental Impacts of US – Mexico Corn Trade Under NAFTA” June 2003. Frank Ackerman, Timothy A. Wise, Kevin P. Gallagher, Luke Ney, and Regina Flores.

01-09 “Macroeconomic Policy and Sustainability” July 2001. Jonathan M. Harris.

01-05 “Better Principles: New Approaches to Teaching Introductory Economics” June 2001. Neva R. Goodwin and Jonathan M. Harris.

00-04 “Basic Principles of Sustainable Development.” June 2000. Jonathan M. Harris.

00-01 “Still Dead After All These Years: Interpreting the Failure of General Equilibrium Theory.” November 1999. Frank Ackerman.