Green Economics

Jonathan Harris, Senior Researcher

GDAE’s program in Green Economics, under the direction of Senior Research Associate Jonathan Harris, seeks to develop economic and social analyses of the issues involved in a transition to a fully sustainable economy with renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, clean and efficient industry, and stable population.  

Book Chapter on Green New Deal

Jonathan Harris has authored a chapter on “The Green New Deal: Economic Analysis and Practical Policy” in the book Key Debates and Contemporary Perspectives in Post Keynesian Economics (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2024, Therese Jefferson and John E. King eds.). According to the publisher: “This erudite book offers an extensive overview of the most important debates taking place amongst Post Keynesian economists, acknowledging the vital contribution Post Keynesians have made to theoretical and policy discourse in the 21st century.”

Harris Surveys Books on Ecological Economics

Jonathan Harris recently did a survey of books on ecological economics for, a site that presents authors’ recommendations for the best books in their fields. His annotated list can be found at The best books for understanding ecological economics ( Scroll down for other authors’ lists on related topics.

Encyclopedia Entry on Green Economy

Jonathan Harris is author of an entry on “Green Economy” in the Elgar Encyclopedia of Ecological Economics (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2023, Emilio Padilla Rosa and Jesús Ramos Martin eds.)

Harris and Goodwin contribute to Ecological Economics Dictionary

GDAE Researchers Jonathan Harris and Neva Goodwin are contributors to the Elgar Dictionary of Ecological Economics: Terms for the New Millennium, edited by Brent Haddad and Barry Solomon. The Dictionary “provides an intellectual roadmap to this evolving subject ranging from the practical to the philosophical.”

Articles and Policy Briefs

After COP28: The Bumpy Road to Net Zero by Jonathan Harris GDAE Climate Policy Brief #19, April 2024. PowerPoint Presentation at United States Society for Ecological Economics Conference, June 2024

Climate and Biodiversity Conferences: New Initiatives and Ecological Realities by Jonathan Harris, Shreepath Jain, and Anne-Marie Codur, GDAE Climate Policy Brief #17, January 2023.

Progress on the Green New Deal, January 2022. Jonathan Harris
PowerPoint presentation at URPE/ASSA conference including explanatory notes

Getting to Net Zero Carbon Emissions: Can We Do It? April 2021. Jonathan Harris PowerPoint Presentation

Climate Change, Social Equity, and the Green New Deal, August 2020: Jonathan Harris discusses the social and economic impacts of a Green New Deal.

Transitioning to a Low-Carbon Economy, May 2020: GDAE research is extensively quoted.

Ecological Economics of the Green New Deal, August 2019 

New Macroeconomics Teaching for a New Era: Instability, Inequality and Environment, September 2015. Jonathan M. Harris.

Working Papers

19-01 “Responding to Economic and Ecological Deficits April 2019. Jonathan M. Harris

18-01 “China’s Carbon Market: Accelerating a Green Economy in China and Reducing Global Emissions April 2018. Yifei Zhang, Jonathan M. Harris, and Jin Li

13-03 “Population, Resources, and Energy in the Global Economy: A Vindication of Herman Daly’s Vision February 2013. Jonathan M. Harris (Also available in French)

13-02 “Green Keynesianism: Beyond Standard Growth Paradigms February 2013. Jonathan M. Harris (Also available in Spanish, French and Chinese)