2008 GIS Poster Expo Gallery

2008 GIS Poster Expo Gallery

Best of Show:

Li Wang
Assessment of Groundwater Vulnerability to Landfill Leachate Induced Arsenic Contamination in Maine

Matthew Reardon
Taking the NIMBY Out of Large Wind


Runners Up:

Alyssa Corbett
A Spatial Analysis of Potential Human-wolf Conflict in Montana

Victoria Kwok
Identifying Wildland-Urban Interface Areas in San Diego County



Nathan Abbott
Impact of Green Line Extension

Josh Berkowitz
An Environmental Equity Analysis
Holly Elwell
Prioritizing Land for Conservation

Abey Hardy
Siting Walking Trails

Ilya Josefson
Carbon Dioxide Gas Emissions

Dan Latham and Katie Resnick
GIS and Stormwater Management

Rachel Meredith Warren
Expiring Use Properties

Jason Nelson
Neighborhood Walkability

Dana Panzer
Wind Turbine Siting

Ana Rosner
Stormwater Treatment Projects

Meghan Walter
Mapping Precipitation

Nella Young
Green Retrofits for Rooftops

ChiaHui Shen
Developing a Societal Vulnerability Map of San Francisco Area

Sam Anderson
Commuter Rail Station Siting

South Lawrence Fire

Jeffrey Goldberg
Hurricane Katrina’s Impact

Abey Hardy
Potential Wildlife Corridors

Brielle Kissel
Potential Vernal Pools

Lara Merida Fernandes
Raymond Property Company

Makito Ohikata
Floods Vulnerability Analysis

Sarah Damasa Pierce
Liquid Assests

Eric Senecal
Coastal Flood Risk

Erin Smyth
Wetlands Protection and Restoration

Adam White
Subway Station Implications

Luba Zhaurova
Watershed Management Plan

Alexander Keyel
Selecting Field Sites for Grassland Bird Research using GIS ModelBuilder

Liz Antin
Walkability of Schools

Emily Cohen
Households at Risk of Homelessness

Lizzy Grubin
Communities Most Burdened by Toxic Release Facilities

Kari Hewitt
Energy Consumption by State

Courtney Knapp
Brownfield Redevelopment Projects

Regina Lyons
Assessment of North Shore Massachusetts for a No Discharge Area Designation

Armando Milou
Stormwater Low Impact Development

Nathaniel Olken
Estimate of the Quality and Quantity of Riverrine Fish Habitat in the Charles River

Ali Quady
Disease & Environmental Variables

Michelle Sheehan
Stormwater Management

Chloe Starr
Potential Vernal Pool

Kaiba White
Flood Risk and Adaptive Capacity

Corey Kurtz
Strategic Organizing Campaigns

Alex Bedig
Geoprocessing with Modelbuilder

Allison Corwin
Land Use & Census Tract Travel Data

Jayme Hamann
Watershed Management

Susy Jones
The Somerville Community Path

Jason Kurian
Suitability of Developable Land

Amy Mattlage
Areas for Development

Katie Moore
Wind Turbine Site Suitability

Thomas Oommen
Liquefaction Potential Mapping

Flavia Resende
Vulnerability and Hazards

ChiaHui Shen
Chinese Community Profile

Tamara Perez Trejo
Community Inventory of Food Resources

Ellis Wongsearaya
TRI Facilities and Cancer Outcomes

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