2013 GIS Poster Expo Gallery

2013 GIS Poster Expo Gallery

Best in Show:

Benjamin Barnes
Image Forthcoming

Geoff Bartlett
Siting Medical Disaster Relief

Runners Up:

Ina Mossin
Assessing conflict vulnerability for better aid allocation

Benjamin Rosenbaum
Drones Over Pakistan

Gabrielle Gareau
Street Tree Planting Site Prioritization

Ian Thistle
The Fairmount Line: A Step Forward

Nadira Saleh
Is Measuring Access Enough?


Wilson Andres Acuna
Pristine Wetlands in Worcester County

Rachel Baras
Military Intervention in Syria

Eliza Bemis
Agricultural Viability in New York State

Julia Bendon
Food Accessibility in Relation to Income

Michael Blair
Environmental Impact by Country

Brynna Bolger
Vulnerability Assessment of Forests

Brynna Bolger
Prehistoric Taro Production in Hawaii

Carrie Brown
Japan Nuclear Power Plant Vulnerability

Tracy Brown
Database to De-Lead in Boston

Tracy Brown
Impact of Lead Poisoning

Karen Bustard
Prison Rates and the Built Environment

Winnie Chen
Tampa Bay Watershed Human Impacts

Justina Cheng
Environmental Consciousness

Denise Chin
Urban Farming in Boston

Max Cohen
Local Effects of Medical Canabis

Lauren Cole
Future of Development in Falmouth

Michael Coty
Prioritizing Coal-Fired Power Plants

Toby Crispin
Decreasing Landfill Volume by Composting

Andrew Dahlen
Distributed Solar Technology in India

Lauren Deaderick
South Carolina Wildlife Refuges

Meredith Epstein
Training a New Generation of Farmers

Mike Ernsting
Reporting Avalanche Data

Emilie Falguieres
Racially Disproportionate US Interstates

Christina Filipovic
Links Between Trade and Territory

Meghan Flanagan
Irrigation and Groundwater Depletion

Stephanie Galaitsis
Domestic Water Demand in the West Bank

Anna Garcia
Where is the Syrian Civil War?

Gabrielle Gareau
Street Tree Planting Site Prioritization

Celina Garza
Crime and Overdose in Medford, MA

Michael Geerdes
Spread of Eurasian Watermilfoil

Dana Goldman
Agricultural Suitability in India

Catherine Hoar
Household Water Treatment in Haiti

Casey Hogle
Analysis of Density and VA Analysis

Elliot Hohn
Poverty, Governance, and Land Grabbing

Xiayoue Houe
Food Security in Tanzania

Jamie Hwang
Cambodia Vulnerability to Sex Trafficking

Lydia Jessup
Obesity and Food Access in Seattle

Robert Joseph
Transportation Development in Westchester

Robert Joseph
Locations of Big Box Stores in MA

Leigh Kalbacker
Potential Agricultural Land in Acton

SuYoon Kang
Cambodia Millenium Development Goal

Melissa Karp
Nursery Habitat Suitability Model

Lauren Keller
Sea Level Rise in the Philippines

Sarah Kester
Food Insecurity in Washington, D.C.

Adrian Madaro
East Boston’s Big Bet: The potential impact of a resort-style casino

Tom Kiley
Population Change around Springfield

Christina Kim
School Choice in Boston

Anya Klepacki
Placement of Recycling Bins in Brooklyn

Leah Koeppel
Food Insecurity and Food Access Boston

Rachel Kornetsky
Bald Eagle Mortality in Maine

Emma Kravet
Agricultural Activity in Acushnet

Alexandra Kulinkina and Yukinobu Tanimoto
Water Quality and Density in South India

Kaiying Lau
Boston’s Edible Landscapes

Kaiying Lau
New England’s Food Hub Suitability

Josh Laufer
Renewable Energy Siting Analysis in Maine

Silas Leavitt
New Jersey Climate Change Vulnerability

Rebekah Liebermann
Syrian Refugees as Witness to Civil War

Julia Lindau
Terrorism, Oil, and Ethnicity in Iraq

Suzanne Lis
White Flight in Hartford County, CT

Qingchuan Liu
Air Pollution in Somerville

Ninya Loepkky
Updating Environmental Justice Map

Meghan Loraditch
Predicting Malnutrition in Nepal

Samantha Lund
Food Insecurities and Health in MA

Wendy Mainardi
Northeast Regional Beef Production_

Kathryn Martorana
Humanitarian Risks of Oil Extraction

Rich Matson
Deficient Bridges in Massachusetts

Ryan Miamis
Mini-Hydrolectric Dam Development

Steve Monroe
Migration Outflows in Niger

Evan Moulson
Greenland in the Red

David Mulet
Territorial Disputes: Guatemala vs Beliz

David Murphy
Malaria in India

Anjali Narang
Likelihood of Eating Unhealthy in Florida

Tori Okner
Sample Community Inventory

Meaghan Overton
Cycling Infrastructure in Boston

Licole Paroly
Environmental Justice in Woburn

Simone Passarelli
Progression of the Syrian Conflict

Joshua Peters
Feasability for Stormwater Infiltration

Jamie Picardy
Direct Marketing VegShed of New Mexico

Aaron Pilnick
Maine Atlantic Salmon Habitant Analysis

Shirish Pokharel
Mapping Hydropower Suitability in Nepal

Shirish Pokharel
Vegetation Change in Central Nepal

Matt Ramos
City Proximity to Natural Hazards in MA

Hannah Reckhow
Non-Motorized Mystic Watershed Access

Lindsay Rogers
Sea Levels and Environmental Justice

Nachama Rosen
1989-2012 Conflict Trends in East Africa

Will Russack
Water Contamination from Fracking

Emma Sass
White-Breasted Thrasher Suitability

Charlee Corra
Gorgonian Biogeography in the Indo-Pacific: An Understudied Mecca of Biodiversity

Ina Enatsu
Land Suitability for Urban Agriculture in Boston, MA

Adrianne Schaefer-Brogo
Vacant Lots in New Bedford

Michael Schlauch
Visualizing Global Trade

Ellen Schramm
Food Access in Suffolk County, MA

Jesse Seamon
Home Foreclosure Risk in Boston

Mackenzie Sehlke
Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Health

Leila Seradj
Obesity Risk Areas in Washington, D.C.

Anne Sexton
Stormwater Runoff from Tufts University

Saagar Shetty
Liquefaction Hazard Model for Tokyo Bay

Eric Siegel
Ataturk Dam and Sanliurfa’s Agriculture

Benjamin Silverstein
Conversions of Cash Checking Agencies

Benjamin Silverstein
Salt Marsh Disappearance in Jamaica Bay

Nina Skagerlind
Most Vulnerable People in Ecuador

Phoebe Sloane
Social and Economic Needs in Lebanon

Lucia Smith
Optimization Model for AED Placement

Andrea Talhami
Food Access in San Diego

John Taylor
Commuter Rail Station Site Suitability

Ian Thistle
The Fairmount Line

Nicole Tichenor
Access to Community Gardens in Boston

Quang Truong
Glyphosate Risk Assessment

Tal Ullman
Child Food Insecurity Risk in England

Charles van Rees and Baoguang Zhai
Wetlands Detection in Hawaii

Michael Vansaun
Chapter 91 Requirements in Boston

Brittney Veeck
Predicted and Actual Storm Surge

Brittney Veeck
Prediction of Streamflow Statistics

Meera Velu
Oakland, CA Earthquake Vulnerability

Shruthi Viswanathan
Climate Events in NYC

Alfred Waich
Ground Motion Prediction in California

Katherine Walsh
Neighborhood Historical Preservation

Suzanne Warner
Urogenital Schistomiasis in Ghana

Joseph Wat
Modern Threats to Ancient Reefs

Chris Watson
Mangrove Species on Hummingbird Cay

Adam Weinberg
Identifying Potential Well Locations

Eliza Whiteman
Maryland’s Cattle Slaughter Capacity

Amos Wright
Scholarly and Professional Literature

Katherine Wright
The Next Katrina

Ruiruo Wu
Extreme Weather Related Hospitalization

Ruiruo Wu
Heat Stroke Related Hospitalizations

Yi Xiandeng
Wind Farm Siting Suitability

Xiaochong Yao
Roof Mounted Solar Projects in Boston

Ben Younkman
Business Development in Colombia

Cameron Yu
Landslides in Palos Verdes

Bo Zhang
Inundation Model in New Orleans

Alexandra Kulinkina
Alexandra Kulinkina and Yukinobu Tanimoto
Utilizing NDVI to Define Seasonality in Diarrheal Disease in Urban and Rural Communities, South India