The Grout Museum District is currently accepting applications for the position of Curator of Exhibitions. This is a full-time position. The Grout Museum District mounts 2-4 temporary exhibitions each year—a combination of rental exhibitions and in-house exhibits using Museum collections and loaned artifacts. There are five permanent exhibition spaces which require maintenance and occasional updates. The Curator of Exhibitions also supports projects at the Imaginarium, Rensselaer Russell House Museum and the Snowden House. Full job description available at

To be considered for this position, please submit cover letter, resume, examples of your work and at least 3 references to or Grout Museum District, 503 South Street, Waterloo, IA  50701. No phone calls, please.

Job Requirements

1. Fabricates original exhibitions from museum’s collections and loans from
outside sources.
2. Works with IT/Media Specialist and others to oversee regular maintenance and
repair of permanent exhibitions.
3. Updates permanent exhibits as needed.
4. Conducts research for use in exhibitions.
5. Works with collections manager to select and locate artifacts in the collection.
6. Develops and maintains current and future temporary exhibition schedule.
7. Works with archivist to obtain suitable photographs and-archives for use in
exhibitions. 8. Designs exhibitions with review and input from Exhibition Committee and
Executive Director.
9. Responsible for securing and confirming insurance, shipping, installation, reporting and packing traveling exhibitions.
10. Responsible for daily maintenance of exhibit equipment.
11. Works with Volunteer Coordinator to prepare building for Holiday Season.
12. Performs other duties as required by Executive Director.
1. Assists with exhibits at the Imaginarium, as directed by the Exhibit Technician.
2. Serves on staff committees as needed.
3. Serves as co-chair (along with Board member) of Exhibition Committee.
4. Assists staff in other areas of the museum when needed.
5. Develops budget and submits to Operations Manager.
6. Works weekends and evenings as required and alternates holiday schedules
with other staff.
7. Submits information to quarterly newsletter.
8. Submits necessary information to the marketing department in accordance with
the marketing department’s policies.
1. Education, Experience and Training: The minimum formal education of the
Curator of Exhibits is a bachelor’s degree with a major in liberal arts (emphasis inistory or anthropology preferred). Course work or other experience in design,
fabrication, construction, and basic knowledge of electronics highly
recommended. This position requires the use of normal office equipment.
Supervisory experience is desirable. This position requires a person with strong
organizational skills and an ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
This employee must be able to work within broad objectives as outlined by the
Executive Director.
2. Physical Requirements and Demands: The Curator of Exhibits frequently lifts
or move objects more than 75 pounds. Occasionally it is necessary to work from a
ladder or in elevated work places. A strong design and color sense is critical. This
position requires a person with a high energy level.
3. Mental Demands: The position of Curator of Exhibits is a very important
position with high expectations placed upon the employee. This employee must
be a person who pays attention to details and deadlines, who can work with a
wide range of people, who is able to set priorities and complete tasks within broad
objectives as outlined by the Executive Director. Employee must also be
cooperative and flexible to respond to changing priorities.
G. WORK ENVIRONMENT: The work environment has excellent lighting and
ventilation with a fairly constant temperature. There are some odors when certain
programs are conducted or during exhibition construction. Occasionally there will
be noise or loud sounds. There will occasionally be dusty conditions during the
building, installation and dismantling of exhibits.
H. EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS: The Curator of Exhibits must frequently use normal
office equipment. Must be proficient in use of Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and
Photoshop as well as a table saw, band saw, small hand tools, and painting
equipment. Experience operating rented machinery is preferred.


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