Article 6: Committee Chairs

  1. The committee chairs may either be appointed by the President or President-elect or may be elected by a majority vote at the first committee meeting, as held by the preceding chair or executive board member.
  2. Members of the Executive Board may not serve as a committee chair in the year that they serve on the board unless by special request and voted upon by the Executive Board.
  3. Committee chairs will be appointed in April or May preceding the year in which they will lead the committee.
  4. The chairperson must coordinate the activities and duties of their respective committees.
  5. The chairpersons must attend all committee chair meetings, any executive board meetings as deemed necessary and meet with the President-elect to inform him or her of committee progress.
  6. The chairpersons must keep records and prepare reports of all committee activities, including completion of budget reports and contributions to the committee binder.
  7. The chairpersons must determine passing requirements for their committee and pass along to committee members.
  8. The chairpersons must serve as ex officio advisors to succeeding chairpersons.