Multi-Modality Classrooms

TTS is preparing classrooms across campus for hybrid teaching and learning in order to allow students to attend class sessions remotely at the same time as those who attend in person. In these multi-modality / dual-modality classrooms, instructors will have flexibility in how they include remote students and, at instructor discretion, make recordings of class sessions that can be made available to students on Canvas.

See a list of classrooms equipped for multi-modality instruction on the Medford campus. Portable units will be available for rooms not on the list.

Classroom Technology Update Spring 2021

  • Technical checks are being conducted for every classroom on the Medford campus.
  • We will be adding signage in multi-modality rooms to clearly indicate which microphone and speaker should be selected in Zoom for an optimal experience.
  • We are adding microphones to large lecture halls to make it easy for remote students to hear in-person students. This includes Cohen, Hill Hall, ASEAN, Distler, Crane Room, Terrace Room, Elliot Pearson, Tisch MPR, Alumnae Lounge.
  • We will be installing acoustic control material in rooms where poor acoustics caused issues, including Alumnae Lounge, Hill Hall, and Paige Hall’s Crane Room and Terrace Room.
  • We have upgraded computers in a good number of rooms.
  • We are piloting a more immersive classroom experience for mixed modality rooms in Mugar and Cabot that includes an additional display configured automatically to display up to 49 remote students in Zoom even when the instructor is sharing his/her screen. We may add this capability to additional rooms as the semester progresses.
  • We will be offering in-person classroom orientation sessions again this semester on Tuesday, Weds, and Thursday for the last two weeks of January. Faculty may sign up here and are encouraged to bring teaching assistants as needed.

Using Multi-Modality Classrooms

To learn more about how to use multi-modality classrooms, see Educational Technology Services’ Guide to Classroom Technology Enhancements.

For detailed instructions, see:

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