Welcome to Tufts University! We’re excited to support you in your teaching and learning endeavors! Below are a curated list of resources that you may find helpful as you prepare to teach at Tufts. They are organized into categories that aim to meet the needs of new faculty at this time.

Remote Teaching 

As the global health crisis has prompted much of higher ed to move online, we have compiled resources for faculty to pursue remote teaching as effectively as possible. 

Inclusive Teaching 

Inclusive teaching means deliberately cultivating a learning environment where all students are supported and treated equitably (University of Michigan Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, 2016).  

Course Design

Designing a course involves carefully considering the learning outcomes you want for your students and then choosing assessments, activities, and teaching practices that support students in achieving those outcomes.

First Day of Class

First impressions can significantly impact how the rest of the semester goes, and students will be looking to you to set the stage for the course. 

Mental Health Resources

Supporting student mental health is of increasing importance in the college classroom, particularly in the midst of the challenges and trauma that have arisen in recent months. It’s important to understand your role as an instructor when it comes to student mental health.

Additional Resources