WRAM Membership/AMZAP

The Pre-Vet Society is covering the cost of a one-year membership ($15/ person) to the Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Association of Massachusetts (WRAM) for the first 30 interested students. Benefits of WRAM membership include:

-Exclusive access to an online education series-Mentoring opportunities with licensed wildlife rehabilitators in the area

-Lab opportunities run by Tufts Wildlife Clinic staff members -Exclusive sponsorship and grant opportunities to cover travel and registration fees for national symposiums and conferences

-Access to Slack channel with wildlife rehabbers across the country

This membership is a great chance to explore wildlife medicine and how you can still work with wildlife without necessarily becoming a wildlife veterinarian ex.) wildlife rehabilitator, biologist, vet technician, or another specialty vet (small companion animals, emergency, dairy, etc.) who holds a wildlife rehab license, etc.

Learn more about WRAM and membership benefits here: https://www.wraminc.org/join-wram/.

The Association of Minority Zoo & Aquarium Professional (AMZAP) is a great organization for students of ethnic and minority heritage to find representation and support in the animal care field. Professional members of AMZAP work in exotic animal husbandry, research, and conservation. Apply for free affiliate membership and get matched with a minority mentor! Feel free to look through the website for internship opportunities as well: https://www.amzap.org/minority-mentors.

Here is the form to apply for the WRAM membershiphttps://forms.gle/12Q268d5LPPhmLnt5

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