Dmitriy Nurullayev, Postdoctoral Scholar

Dmitriy Nurullayev is a Postdoctoral Scholar at The Fletcher School, Tufts University. Dmitriy’s research agenda focuses on bargaining, signaling, and strategic provocation in the context of interstate conflicts. Additionally, he studies the dynamics of alliances among rising powers with a particular focus on U.S. foreign policy ramifications. His most recent research article was published in Social Science Quarterly. As an educator, Dmitriy has taught courses on U.S. Foreign & National Security Policy, War and Peace, Russian Politics, and Research Methods in Social Sciences. Dmitriy holds a B.A. from Hendrix College, an MPhil. from the University of Cambridge (U.K.), and a Ph.D. from Louisiana State University. He lives with his golden retriever, Jasper.