Student Research Assistants & Interns


CIERP and the Climate Policy Lab provide students research assistant and internship opportunities, whether it be during the school year or over the summer. These opportunities range from research assistantships with CIERP as part of our grant-funded research to the Climate Policy Lab Strategic Internship Program, where students experience summer internships around the world. See our current research assistants and interns below.

Strategic Internship Program

Currently, CIERP offers the Strategic Internship Program thanks to generous donations. With these funds, CIERP is able to provide financial support to students undertaking internships in the U.S. and around the world that would otherwise be unpaid. Students complete a significant amount of work during these internships, whether it be within the public sector, with non-governmental organizations, research institutes, or at private entities. Students typically accomplish the following while interning:

  • Help governments develop and implement smarter climate policies as they execute their Paris Agreement commitments
  • Work in NGOs or in-country research institutes focused on climate policy implementation
  • Help firms identify strategic opportunities or implement climate programs, projects, and policy

Please contact Max Zandi for more information about this program. For further information, such as previous interns’ reports on their experiences, visit this web page: CPL Strategic Internships.


CIERP & CPL Research Assistantships

CIERP and the Climate Policy Lab offer numerous research assistant opportunities throughout the school year where students work with CIERP Co-Directors Kelly Sims Gallagher and Jenny Aker on their respective research. Occasionally, there will also be research assistantships through CIERP, where students will assist with office communications and media strategy.

Working in Professor Gallagher’s Climate Policy Lab, students are asked to answer, “What policies work and why or why not?” in regards to climate policies throughout the world, particularly in China, Ethiopia, India, and the United States. Students are able to be a part of a lab that acts as a source of independent and objective advice for governments contemplating new climate policies as they implement new domestic policies consistent with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Visit the Climate Policy Lab website for further information.

Research assistants working with Jenny Aker are mostly focused on research in Africa, particularly Niger. Currently, Jenny and her research assistants are working on three projects: the adoption of demi-lunes to address nutrient depletion and poor soil fertility, the adoption of PICS (hermetically sealed bags) to limit crop degradation, and primary school teacher monitoring in Niger. For further information about this research, visit the Technology and Development webpage.

Additionally, CIERP has received funding from the Department of Defense for the Rising Power Alliances and Coalitions project. This project has consistently employed research assistants, as they conduct research conducts research in three main areas: 1) defining global alliances/coalitions from the BRICS countries’ perspectives; 2) coalitional behavior of the BRICS group across key strategic areas; and, 3) US-BRICS diplomacy and prospects for collaboration.

View our current research assistants here: Climate Policy Lab and CIERP Research Assistants and Interns.

For information about open positions, please visit: Open Positions or contact Sara Rosales at

New RAs and TAs, please review the checklist document on how to become an RA or TA in CIERP.