Experiential Learning

CIERP provides funding for travel scholarships to encourage CIERP* students to undertake research travel or participate in conferences related to their academic, personal, or professional development.

Since the travel fund was inaugurated in 2014, it has enabled over 90 students to attend events, meetings, and conferences either to present their own research or to advance their career plans by making valuable contacts.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of Fletcher alums and others who have provided these funds specifically to enable students to create opportunities for present and future growth.

*A CIERP student is a Fletcher Master’s student who has identified either IERP or DevEcon as one of their Fields of Study and has taken at least one course in the Field, OR a PhD student working under the supervision of a CIERP faculty member.

Find out about past awards below by clicking on the logos to view students’ reflections on their travel.

Application and Award Process

  • Complete an online application as early as possible and no later than one month before your travel. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • After completing the application, make an appointment to discuss your application with CIERP Assistant Director Jillian DeStone. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss details such as what makes CIERP funding particularly applicable to your trip, the relevance of the proposed travel to your professional development in the areas of energy and environment, and your budget.
  • The CIERP Directors will review proposals and make awards based on the relevance of proposals to the student’s professional development in the areas of energy and environment.
  • Students generally receive a decision within 2 weeks of their in-person meeting.
  • The scholarship is paid in the form of a reimbursement of expenses upon submission of a reflection and relevant receipts within 30 days of completed travel. If post-travel disbursement of funds presents a hardship, please ask us about alternate arrangements.
  • CIERP’s approval of your reflection is a pre-requisite to reimbursement. We ask you to reflect on how the experience moved you towards professional goals, enlightened you in some way you did not expect, or allowed you to engage with specific ideas or people you found inspiring. The reflection can take any form you wish, but it should consist of both text and visual or audiovisual components. Reflections are published on the CIERP website.

Funding Amounts

  • Funding awarded per event or trip can be up to $750, depending on the student’s budgetary needs and level of engagement. For example, students contributing to a conference as a presenter, speaker, or similar role are generally awarded a higher level of support than conference attendance alone.
  • Students can apply to the fund for more than one trip or event per year. Maximum funding in any school year is $1,000.

Funding Restrictions

  • Funding should be used for travel, lodging, or registration fees. Other expenses, such as meals, may be eligible pending approval.
  • Travel scholarships are not awarded for Fletcher treks, Fletcher career trips, equipment, supplies, tuition, living expenses, or internships (CIERP does support internships through a separate fund). 
  • Recipients are required to comply with all relevant Tufts and Fletcher School policies in relation to allowable expenses.
  • Funds must be spent, and reimbursement sought, before degree completion.

Additional Requirements

  • Students are asked to disclose any other funding applied for and/or received for the same travel. We encourage you to explore the other funding opportunities at Fletcher.
  • If you are conducting research with interview subjects, you must submit your study for IRB review.
  • If you are travelling internationally, you must register your trip with the Tufts Travel Registry.

Past Awards

Click on the logos below to read and view students’ reflections on their travel.

Reflections by Emelia, Maria Elena, Bethany, Dana, and Asgeir.