Experiential Learning

CIERP has funding for travel fellowships to enable CIERP* students to undertake research travel or attend conferences related to their academic, personal, or professional development. Check out the highlights below to see how broad the range of opportunities is. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Complete this on-line application and make an appointment to discuss your application with Penny Storey.

  • Conference attendance or research travel – up to $500
  • Contribution to a conference as a presenter – up to $750
  • Maximum funding in any school year is $1,000
  • Scholarship is paid in the form of a reimbursement of expenses.
  • Recipients are required to comply with all relevant Tufts and Fletcher School policies in relation to allowable expenses.

*An active CIERP student is a MALD who has identified IERP as one of their Fields of Study and has taken at least one course in the Field with a CIERP core Faculty member, an MIB or LLM student who has taken at least one course in the Field, OR a PhD student working under the supervision of a core CIERP faculty member.


Since the travel fund was inaugurated in 2014 CIERP bursaries have enabled over 40 students to attend events, meetings, and conferences either to present their own research or to advance their career plans by making valuable contacts.

There is no typical CIERP student and the students who used this travel fund included first year business students seeking to shape their job prospects, second year students on the brink of graduation preparing for opportunities in NGOs, IO’s, Government, start-ups, and established companies, students building proposals for PhD research and PhDs nearing the end of their research making the first ‘next step’ toward academic or diplomatic careers.