Travel and Experiential Learning

CIERP provides funding to encourage CIERP* students to undertake research or participate in conferences related to their academic, personal, or professional development.

Since the fund was inaugurated in 2014, it has enabled over 90 students to attend events, meetings, and conferences either to present their own research or to advance their career plans by making valuable contacts.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of Fletcher alums and others who have provided these funds specifically to enable students to create opportunities for present and future growth.

*A CIERP student is a currently enrolled Fletcher Master’s student who has identified either IERP, DevEcon, or International Development and Environmental Policy as one of their Fields of Study and has taken at least one course in the Field, OR a PhD student working under the supervision of a CIERP faculty member.

Application and Award Process
  • Complete an online application as early as possible and no later than one month before your travel or activity. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year.
  • After completing the application, make an appointment to discuss your application with CIERP Associate Director Jillian DeStone. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss details such as what makes CIERP funding particularly applicable, the relevance of your proposed undertaking to your professional development in the areas supported by CIERP, and your budget.
  • The CIERP Directors will review proposals and make awards based on the relevance of proposals to the student’s professional development in the areas of energy and environment.
  • Students generally receive a decision within 2 weeks of their in-person meeting.
  • The scholarship is paid in the form of a reimbursement of expenses upon submission of a reflection and relevant receipts within 30 days of completed travel. If post-travel disbursement of funds presents a hardship, please ask us about alternate arrangements.
  • CIERP’s approval of your reflection is a prerequisite to reimbursement. We ask you to reflect on how the experience moved you towards professional goals, enlightened you in some way you did not expect, or allowed you to engage with specific ideas or people you found inspiring. The reflection can take any form you wish, but it should consist of both text and visual or audiovisual components. Reflections are published on the CIERP website.
Funding Amounts
  • Funding awarded per activity or trip can be up to $750, depending on the student’s budgetary needs and level of engagement. For example, students contributing to a conference as a presenter, speaker, or similar role are generally awarded a higher level of support than conference attendance alone.
  • Students can apply to the fund for more than one trip or event per year. Maximum funding in any school year is $1,000.
Funding Restrictions
  • Funding should be used for travel, lodging, or registration fees. Other expenses, such as meals, may be eligible pending approval.
  • Travel scholarships are not awarded for Fletcher treks, Fletcher career trips, equipment, supplies, tuition, living expenses, or internships (CIERP does support internships through a separate fund).
  • Recipients are required to comply with all relevant Tufts and Fletcher School policies in relation to allowable expenses.
  • Funds must be spent, and reimbursement sought, within 30 days of completion of the trip or activity, and not after degree completion.
Additional Requirements
  • Students are asked to disclose any other funding applied for and/or received for the same travel or activity. We encourage you to explore the other funding opportunities at Fletcher.
  • If you are conducting research with interview subjects, you must submit your study for IRB review.
  • If you are traveling internationally, you must follow all Tufts travel protocols and register your trip with the Tufts Travel Registry.

Past Awards

2023Dubai, UAE
CIERP supported six Master's students who were part of Tufts' COP28 delegation. They had a chance to see first-hand how the latest international climate negotiations unfolded, and consider how progress might be made in the many arenas of the fight against climate change. Read their thoughtful reflections below:
Aarushi Aggarwal: "Reflecting on International Climate Negotiations: COP28 and Beyond"
Alexandra Cronin: "On COP28 and Enchanting Contradictions"
Miriam Israel: "Inclusion for some, but not all"
Alyssa Scheiner: "Reflecting on COP28 and Looking Ahead"
Shubhangi Thakur: "COP28 Reflections"
Selena Wallace: "COP28 in UAE Sings the Praises of Blue Carbon Ecosystems"
2023Reykjavik, Iceland
CIERP supported seven students who traveled to the Arctic Circle Assembly and had the opportunity to learn about the environmental policy considerations for the Arctic and meet with individuals who are involved in key international negotiations. Participants reflected on what they found encouraging, interesting, and inspiring. Read their insightful reflections below:
Michelle Ball
Alexandra Cronin
Johannes Driessen
Natalia Perez
Ramya Ramakrishnan
Kristen Weller
2023New York City, NY
Anushka Shah was party to discussions about the role of India and the Global South at ministerial discussions on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. Read Anushka's reflection (PDF)
2023Washington, DC
Mai Mahmoud made professional connections and gained research insight presenting at the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA) Annual Meeting. Read Mai's reflection (PDF)
2023New York, New York
A Tufts delegation traveled to New York to participate in the first UN Water Conference to be held in over 40 years. Participants reflected on what surprised, encouraged, and inspired them in a series of blog posts. Read the contributions from recipients of CIERP travel funding here:
Aarushi Aggarwal
Leen Hayek
Sukriti Mahipal
Renata Bolotova
2023Oxford, U.K.
Josué Awonon presented a co-authored paper and found networking opportunities at the CSAE conference, which prioritizes research on Africa. Read Josué's reflection (PDF)
2023Doha, Qatar
Anastasia Thano gained key insights into structural barriers to sustainable development and met with inspiring leaders and youth delegates at the United Nations Conference for Least Developed Countries. Read Anastasia's reflection (PDF)
2023Essen, Germany
Myisha Majumder traveled to Germany for capstone research about the energy crisis, speaking with energy sector stakeholders and witnessing protests over the use of coal mines. Read Myisha's reflection (PDF)
2022Berlin, Germany
Kazuki Motohashi attended the European Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society, where he presented "Unintended Consequences of Sanitation: Negative Externalities on Water Quality and Health in India" and gained important networking opportunities. Read Kazuki's reflection (PDF)
2022Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Lily Hartzell considers the role of private sector accountability and other signals of progress at COP27. Read Lily's reflection (PDF)
2022Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Eda Kosma seeks moments of hope at COP27 while also serving as an official UNFCCC notetaker. Read Eda's reflection (PDF)
2022Washington, D.C.

Nancy Zhou presented her research on a just transition into a green economy at the 11th Clean Energy Education & Empowerment (#C3E) Initiative Advancing Women’s Leadership in Clean Energy Conference. Read Nancy's reflection (PDF) and to further get a sense of what the conference travel and presentation experience was like, watch her video!
2022Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Emily Dahl considers the many initiatives discussed at COP27, including the challenges stakeholders are trying to overcome when deploying nature-based solutions. Read Emily's reflection (PDF)
2022Reykjavik, Iceland

Emily Dahl reflects on the climate risks faced in the Arctic as well as encouraging innovations and scientific advances. Read Emily's reflection (PDF)
2022Oxford, United Kingdom

Austin Lee gains insights from senior researchers studying the fossil fuel supply sector at the International Conference on Fossil Fuel Supply and Climate Policy. Read Austin's reflection (PDF)
2022New York, New York

Anushka Shah attended two high-level ministerial discussions on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly on September 23 in New York. Read Anushka's reflection (PDF)
2022Asheville, North Carolina

Kazuki Motohashi attended Camp Resources XXVIII hosted by North Carolina State University in Asheville, NC. He presented on his dissertation "Unintended Consequences of Sanitation: Negative Externalities on Water Quality and Health in India" and received feedback from professors and Ph.D. students from other universities. Read Kazuki's reflection (PDF)
2022Shanghai, China

Ming Dongfang visited companies in Shanghai and Hangzhou and investigated their approaches to the recycling of industrial waste and consumer goods. Read Ming’s reflection (PDF)
2021Glasgow, Scotland

Lily Hartzell describes how being at COP26 deepened her understanding of adaptation finance as well as the role of the U.S in negotiations. Read Lily’s reflection (PDF)
2021Glasgow, Scotland

Connor Kasch reflects on the decision-making process at the COP26 negotiations. Read Connor’s reflection (PDF)
2021Glasgow, Scotland

Rachel Goretsky encounters skepticism regarding the future of American climate leadership at COP26. Read Rachel’s reflection (PDF)
2021Glasgow, Scotland

Brigid Deegan investigates accountability around climate impacts to vulnerable communities at COP26. Read Brigid’s reflection (PDF)
2021Glasgow, Scotland

Ramsha Hameed considered barriers to and hope for a cleaner future while attending COP26. Read Ramsha’s reflection (PDF)
2021Reykjavik, Iceland

Philipp Rombach made a policy pitch for "Floating Offshore Wind-to-Hydrogen: A Green Opportunity for the Arctic" at the Arctic Circle Assembly. Read Philipp’s reflection (PDF)
2020Jaipur, India

K.C. McConnell traveled to Jaipur, India studying biogas production within government-sponsored cow sanctuaries. Read K.C.’s reflection (PDF)
2020Davos, Switzerland

Achintya Saurabh helped set up a panel on education at the Annual World Economic Forum held in Davos. Read Achintya’s reflection (PDF)
2019Madrid, Spain
Emelia Williams focused on equity and urgency, while experiencing first-hand the tensions around Article 6 at COP25. Read Emeilia’s reflection (PDF)
2019Madrid, Spain
Maria Elena Sandalli learned about the latest innovations in sustainable aviation and considered the role of companies in addressing climate change at COP25. Read Maria Elena’s reflection (blog post)
2019Madrid, Spain
Bethany Tietjen met researchers whose work on sustainable food systems and diets she had studied, while also learning about new and innovative projects at COP25. Read Bethany’s reflection (PDF)
2019Madrid, Spain
Dana Thomas considered how to balance the need for face to face negotiations with the climate impacts of international travel at COP25. Read Dana’s reflection (PDF)
2019Madrid, Spain
Asgeir Barlaup reflects on the disconnect between the technical discussions between experts and the political negotiations at COP25. Read Asgeir’s reflection (blog post)
2019New York, New York
“Kid, I saw you that day on the subway holding your cardboard with a drawing of the Earth on it . . .” Haylee (Huiling) Piao wrote an open letter to the young people at the UN Youth Climate Summit in New York. Read Haylee’s letter (PDF)
2019Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Connor Hudson, Aesclinn Donohue, Mikalyn Rush, Farah Momen, and Ravi Janjwadia competed to design a solution that increases plant-based diets on the Dickinson College campus. Read the team’s reflection (PDF)
2019Gilgit-Baltistan Region, Pakistan
Mohammad Uzair Akram undertook a research project studying the responses of tourism and hospitality businesses in northern Pakistan to environmental challenges. Read Uzair’s reflection (PDF)
2019Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Alex Tenney gained insight into solar energy solutions for refugee camps, a topic for his capstone research, while attending the Humanitarian Energy Conference. Read Alex’s reflection (PDF)
2019Cleveland and Chicago
Mark Benedetti reflected on the interconnected needs of investors and municipalities in achieving sustainability at CDP’s Green Infrastructure Investment Workshops. Read Mark’s reflection (PDF)
2019Edinburgh and Orkney Islands, Scotland
Iain Addleton visited a tidal test facility and other innovative energy demonstration projects in the Orkneys for hands-on learning after attending the Scottish Renewable Energy Conference. Read Iain’s reflection (PDF)
2019Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tommy Good, Frances Aderhold, Zikai Guo, Anya Jia, and Madhuri Mukherjee brought their knowledge of impact investing to the MIINT (MBA Impact Investing Networking and Training) competition, where they presented on an agri-fintech company based out of India. Read the team's reflection (PDF)
2019Malmo, Sweden
Vanessa DiDomenico drew on personal experience at the Women’s Conference organized by the World Maritime University, and reflected on opportunities to reduce the gender disparity in the maritime community. Read Vanessa's reflection (PDF)
2018Katowice, Poland
Grace Tamble found connections in the clean energy policy space and gained insight into career opportunities at COP24. Read Grace's reflection (PDF)
2018Reykjavik, Iceland
"What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic." Mark Benedetti joined the conversation at the Arctic Circle Assembly, where he learned about aquaculture projects, heard voices of those who live in the Arctic, and made valuable career connections. Read Mark's reflection (PDF)
2018Mexico City, Mexico
Leif Hansen and Maria Elena Juarez had the opportunity to network with leaders in the environmental realm and learn about how climate change affects indigenous populations in Mexico while traveling with the Fletcher Latin America Group (FLAG). Read their reflections (PDF)
2018Cape Town, South Africa
At the Adaptation Futures Conference, Elizabeth Minchew presented her research on climate change adaptation, which she conducted while interning at UNDP Papua New Guinea, and gained connections for future collaboration. Read Elizabeth's reflection (PDF)
2018Washington, DC
Amanda Formica, Ekow Edzie, and Danny Tobin had the opportunity to attend the high-level assembly of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition with their professor, Patrick Verkooijen (World Bank’s Special Representative on Climate Change). Watch the video they created to highlight their experience and read their reflection (PDF), in which they argue that millennials have a key role to play in advancing carbon pricing.
2017Bonn, Germany
Elizabeth Minchew attended COP23 as part of the official delegation from Papua New Guinea, where she attended meetings related to adaptation and climate finance, seeing first-hand that many countries with low capacity and an urgent need for climate action struggle with unclear mechanisms for seeking and implementing funds. Read Elizabeth's reflection (PDF)
2017Bonn, Germany
Eunice Wangari reflected on the need for climate adaptation finance and found that volunteering at the U.S. climate pavilion offered an easy networking opportunity. Read Eunice's reflection (PDF)
2017Washington, DC
Zachary Kashdan expanded his network and gained insights for his capstone on land management by attending the American Evaluation Association’s Annual Conference. Read Zachary's reflection (PDF)
2017Reykjavik, Iceland
Lucia Avila participated in the Arctic Circle Assembly along with the Fletcher School delegation. View Lucia's video montage
2017Brooklyn, New York
Stefan Koester and Elizabeth Minchew filled their days at the Sustainable Energy for All Forum with panels and events and met representatives from government, business, civil society and international organizations. View their video compilation
2017Washington, DC
Korawat Wuttiwong, Steven Young, Lauren Nutter, and Andrea Becerra joined their professor, Patrick Verkooijen at the World Bank Spring Meetings, where they each reflected on key takeaways from high-level officials and thought leaders. Read their reflection (PDF)
2016Boston, Massachusetts
Ali Edelstein delved into global water challenges at the Ceres Conference, which helped prepare her for a position in corporate water stewardship. Read Ali's reflection (PDF)
2016Graz, Austria
Jean-Christophe Mauduit applied his science background to discussion sessions at the Austria/UN symposium on "Integrated Space Technology Applications for Climate Change," the results of which were published as recommendations for international policymakers. Read Jean-Christophe's reflection (PDF)
2016Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jesse Simmons reflected on the MIINT (MBA Impact Investing Networking and Training) competition and the process involved in getting there. Listen to-Jesse's reflection
2016Marrakesh, Morocco
Julio Rivero Alejo had the opportunity to interview government officials for his research on non-states' climate actions at COP22. Read Julio's reflection (PDF)
2016La Jolla, California
Carl Kjellman helped teach a negotiation training for 25 Master's students at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, an experience that allowed him to develop professionally in a number of ways. Read Carl's reflection (PDF)
2016Washington, DC
Lynn Massengill participated in the U.S. Department of Energy's ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit and had the opportunity to tour and gather ideas from an extensive technology showcase. Read Lynn's reflection (PDF)
2016Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Frances M. Kellogg delved into questions of corporate responsibility at the Net Impact Conference. Read Frances's reflection (PDF)
2015Paris, France
Alejandra Mazariegos and Lisa Tessier were party to the historic COP21, where the first global legally binding agreement to tackle climate change was negotiated. View their video compliation
2015Washington, DC
Aditya Jagati and Kumar Gruhalakshmi served as student consultants at the annual spring World Bank meetings, where they focused on their research around a carbon pricing consensus, and later successfully presented their results. Read Aditya and Kumar's reflection (PDF)
2015Stockholm, Sweden
Callie Stinson attended sessions at World Water Week on governance, security, and transboundary water diplomacy - leading to meetings with Ambassador John Kelly and assisting with a pilot program around environmental infrastructure. Read Callie's reflection (PDF)
2015Washington, DC
Alexander Schulte found countless other students working on energy, and connected with a solar development CEO at the ARPA-­E Energy Innovation Summit, leading to a summer internship interview. Read Alexander's reflection (PDF)
2015New Orleans, Louisiana
Jungwoo Chun presented at the International Studies Association's annual convention on environmental governance in East Asia, gaining useful feedback from a variety of viewpoints, including professors and a Japanese government official. Read Jungwoo's reflection (PDF)
2015 Reykjavik, Iceland
Lina Kim considered China's responsibilities in the Arctic at the Third Arctic Circle Assembly, where she participated as a member of the Fletcher School delegation. Read Lina's reflection (PDF)
2014Silicon Valley, California
Zoraida Velasco showcased her work at the Latinas Think Big Innovation Summit, where she gained new collaborators, connections in the innovation world, and a mentor who ultimately agreed to be a Fletcher commencement speaker. Read Zoraida's reflection (PDF)
2014Prato, Italy
Andrew Tirrell bridged the gap between fisheries management and sustainable food systems at the Food Studies Conference, where he presented and received feedback on research that would ultimately help land him a job at the University of San Diego. Read Andrew's reflection (PDF)
2014Boston, Massachusetts
Alexander Schulte connected with top industry leaders at Forum 20/20, got the opportunity to test drive an electric vehicle, and was able to secure an internship with a private equity firm shortly after. Read Alexander's reflection (PDF)
2014Tromso, Norway
Timothy Magner made a trip to the Arctic Frontiers Conference in Tromso Norway, where he presented his research to a large audience and gained insight into the effects of climate change on micro fauna in the Arctic. Read Timothy's reflection (PDF)