The Climate Policy Lab

  • Which climate policies work in practice?
  • Which don’t work?
  • Why?
  • Under what conditions would they work elsewhere?

These are the questions that the Climate Policy Lab seeks to answer.

Much of the scholarship on climate change policy is theoretical, not empirical.  Extensive literature now exists about the merits of price versus quantity instruments, for example, but much less exists evaluating the actual implementation of these policies. The CPL is mindful of relevant theory, but emphasizes assessment of actually-implemented climate policies. This approach allows the lab to be nimble and responsive to changes in the policy environment, and not driven by the use and refinement of a specific model. The scope of the Lab is highly attuned to state, national, and bi-lateral policy processes while maintaining a global perspective — the motto of The Fletcher School. In addition, we focus on, and work with, multilateral organizations.

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