“At CIERP I’m able to participate in cutting edge practical research on environmental issues, but at the same time have discussions about the Israel-Palestine conflict, the partitioning of Sudan, or microfinance in Bangladesh. The diversity of interests and backgrounds is mind-numbing.”

— Kartikeya Singh, PhD,  Former Junior Research Fellow, CIERP

Learning at CIERP takes place both inside and outside the classroom. Each year we offer courses at the Master’s and PhD levels as part of the International Environment and Resource Policy field, which attracts about 15-20% of Fletcher’s students.

We have formal ties with high level practitioners (Professors of Practice) and with colleagues in other departments and universities, and we support both pre- and post-doctoral research fellowships. Our scholars are often engaged in local, state, national, and international policy development, negotiations, and implementation. Students gain experience by working with these scholars on projects that apply their classroom studies to practical problems.

Our students come from across the globe and bring a wide range of international professional experience, and upon graduation move into more senior positions spanning the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

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