Dr. Francis Situma

As of 2004, Dr. Situma is a consultant at UNEP partnership for the Development of Environmental Law and Institutions in Africa (PADELIA) as Facilitator and Trainer for the Regional Training Course on Legislative Drafting in Environmental Law and a professor at the University of Nairobi. Situma has held other consultant positions at the International Law Institute and by UNEP to prepare the third issue of the Special Annual bulletin for Environmental Law in Africa. Additionally, Situma was appointed by the Secretariat of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity as a member of the Panel of Experts on Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing in 1999. Previously, Situma was a Research Assistant, Teaching Fellow, and Lecturer at Harvard University, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Bunker Hill Community College, and Moi University. Situma has a Ph.D. and MALD degree from The Fletcher School and an LLM, CLD, and LLB from the University of Nairobi. Learn more here.