Easwaran Narassimhan, Postdoctoral Scholar

Easwaran headshot
Easwaran Narassimhan

Easwaran Narassimhan is a postdoctoral scholar at the Climate Policy Lab at The Fletcher School, Tufts University where he completed his PhD in international affairs. His dissertation work explored how developing country governments use renewable energy policies to address socio-economic and environmental objectives.

At the Climate Policy Lab, Easwaran has worked on various research projects including a synthesis of emissions trading systems, measuring the environmental efficacy of Chinese overseas energy investments, and assessing the effectiveness of demand side policies to promote electric vehicles in the U.S. Prior to enrolling in the doctoral program, Easwaran received a Master’s degree from the Fletcher School, specializing in environmental policy and development economics. Easwaran also holds a Masters degree in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University.

Email: Easwaran.Narassimhan@tufts.edu; Twitter: @na_easwaran


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