Rishikesh Bhandary, Faculty Affiliate

Rishikesh Ram Bhandary is a faculty affiliate at the Climate Policy Lab. He is currently the Assistant Director of the Global Development Policy Center’s Global Economic Governance Initiative at Boston University. He is an expert on climate finance and international climate negotiations. His research focuses on how developing countries mobilize finance from different international sources. His current work revolves around the deployment of renewable energy through the Belt and Road Initiative. He has extensive experience engaging with the climate negotiations in various capacities and has helped to train negotiators from the Least Developed Countries and the Climate Vulnerable Forum. He has been a contributing author and chapter scientist in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report. He was an Aspen-Avantha fellow at the Aspen Institute in New Delhi and a fellow at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. He serves on the editorial board of Global Policy: Next Generation.

Email: rishikesh.bhandary@tufts.edu

Twitter: @rishirbhandary

Academic Publications

Bhandary, R.R. 2018. How to Eat an Elephant (Again): Opportunities and Challenges in International Cooperative Approaches of the Paris Agreement. Carbon and Climate Law Review 18 (3): 240-247

Moomaw, W., Bhandary, R.R., Kuhl, L., and P. Verkooijen. 2017. Sustainable Development Diplomacy. Global Policy 8 (1): 73-82

Bhandary, R.R. 2017. Coalition strategies in climate negotiations: an analysis of mountain-related coalitions. International Environmental Agreements 17: 173-190

Gallagher, K.S., Bhandary, R.R., Narassimhan, E., and Q. Tam. Banking on coal? Drivers of demand for Chinese overseas investments in coal in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Energy Research and Social Science 71: 101827

Bhandary, R.R., Zhang, F. and K. S. Gallagher. Climate finance policies in practice. Climate Policy (Forthcoming)