Seeking after-school care for 7YO & 4YO in West Medford

Our family is looking for a part-time babysitter to care for our 7YO son and 4YO daughter after school/camp. Our most pressing need is for coverage on Tuesday evenings when we need someone who can arrive at our house by 4:45pm to get our car in order to pick up our kids from school and then give them dinner and get them ready for bed. (Dinner would be prepared; only re-heating required).

Starting June 20, we’re looking for someone who can pick up our kids from camp Monday through Thursday starting at 4pm and hang with them until 5:30 or 6 (go to a park, the local pool, etc.).

Start date: Tuesday, 5/23 | Tuesday, 6/20 (see above and below for more information)


  • Tuesdays from 5/23 to 6/13 from 4:45pm to ~7:30pm 
  • Starting 6/20, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm (Tuesdays until ~7:30pm). I know this is a little confusing, so please reach out if you’re interested so I can explain!

Requirements: Ability to get to our home independently (our home is very close to the intersection of Winthrop St. & Lawrence Rd., walkable and accessible by bus from Tufts); driver’s license; COVID vaccinated/boosted; babysitting references.

Pay: Starting at $27/hour.

Location: West Medford, near the intersection of Winthrop St. & Lawrence Rd.

Contact: email Emily at