Before/after school help (Medford)

I am looking for some before/after school help.  I live on the Malden/Medford line, near the small target.  I have an 8.5 yo and a 6.5yo.

 My morning need is from 7:15 to 8:30.  This would include finishing morning routine and getting my 8 yo off to the bus.  She can be walked or told to leave.  In inclement weather she could be dropped off on their way to the little guy’s school.  Both schools are in Medford.  

My afternoon need is for pickup of my little guy at 2:30.  I will likely be home by 4.  Between they can do whatever they want – come home, go to playgrounds, get ice cream, etc.. 

A car is necessary. 

I will split shifts as long as there is a commitment. So, even if someone is available for 1 shift – please connect.  But preference and higher pay will be given for more committment.  If additional hours are sought, this can be discussed.

Pay is 25/30 an hour.  

If interested, please contact me, Jennifer, at