2014 GIS Poster Expo Gallery

2014 GIS Poster Expo Gallery

Best in Show:

MackenzieCailinCailin Mackenzie
Knotweed Vulnerability Analysis: Kitsap County, Washington State
TimmelWinnerChristopher Timmel
Dropping Bus Service: An Analysis of Transit Reliability in the Boston Metro Area

Runners Up:

Evan Paradis
Small Modular Reactor (SMR) siting in the State of Maine

Heidi Stucker
Food retail Opportunities in Boston’s Undeserved Neighborhoods

Keith Lividini
Prioritizing areas for implementation of Biofortified Rice in Bangladesh

Jessie Wang
Seasonality of Schistosomiasis


Andrea Bosneag
EU Funding in Romania: do Roma live in Vulnerable Areas?

Cassie Mann
Affordability vs. Accessibility: Mapping the Walksheds of Affordable Housing in Portland, Maine


Rebecca Alpert
Rebecca Alpert
Suitable Sites for Urban Beekeeping in Somerville, Ma

Winnie Bell & Valerie Ota
Women’s Empowerment & Child Nutrition Outcomes in Nepal: Evidence Using Nationally Representative Data from Napal

Jen Bogle
Hurricane Vulnerability in Manhattan: Assessing Geophysical Risk and Social Vulnerability

Ariel Branz
Low-Income Family Housing: A Suitability Analysis in Suffolk County, MA

Matt Capone
Transfer of Development Rights and Cape Cod: Preliminary Analyses for Barnstable County

Peter Ciurczak
Mapping Drainage & Surface Water Flow on Tufts Campus

Emily Dimiero
A Geospatial Analysis of Gentrification in Washington, DC

Hilary Cunningham & Emma Hanson
Social Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing: Bradford County, PA

Brian DeChambeau
Women’s Empowerment & Child Nutrition Outcomes in Nepal

Kim Etingoff
Green Space Site Suitability in a Dense Urban Setting: Developing more green space in Somerville, Ma

Yang Fu
Conflict Vulnerabilities & Oil Exploration in Turkana

Henning Guenter
Somerville Neighborways: Finding ways in GIS to operationalize the idea of Shared Streets

Seher Haider
Moving in the Opposite Direction: A Look at Pakistan’s Energy Supply and Demand

Kasia Hart
Using Exposure to Environmental Harms to Measure Environmental Justice

Marga Hutcheson
A Wayside Rail Trail: Access and Destination

Lauren Kaskey
Prioritizing Urban Agriculture Sites in Boston for Educational Opportunities

Lauren Kitz
Rwanda’s Memory Gap: Assessing National and Informal Memorial


Ruben Korenke
Electoral Turnout in India: Barriers to Voting in Andhra Pradesh

Rozanne Krystalli
Mapping the Missing: Enforced Disappearance in Columbia

Zhaohuan Li
Site Suitability Analysis for Biomass Energy Plants Using GIS

Nick Makinster
Tehran After the Revolution: Mapping Tehran’s Development Post 1979

Elena Martinez
Trade Liberalization & Agriculture: How did NAFTA affect the Mexican corn industry?

Ashley McCarthy
Healthy Food Access Among Minority Populations in Omaha, Nebraska

Theresa McMenomy
International Aid Response to Food Insecurity in Ethiopia

Jennifer Mock
Risk of Terrorism in the West Bank

Nolan Nicaise
Over the River and Through the Woods: A Bicycle Touring Suitability Map for MA

Pamela Olvera
Mexico at War: Mapping the Violence Related to Drug Cartels

Emily Piltch
Farming Suitability on the Navajo Nation

Emily Quigley
Analyzing Maine’s Section of the Appalachian Trail: A Suitability Analysis for Emergency Care Sites

Ye Shen
Locating Alcohol & Substance Violations on the Tufts Campus

Nina Skagerlind
Allocating Health Centers in a Resource-Constrained Setting in Ecuador

Tian Tang
A GIS Based Method to Investigate Contaminant Concentration Distributions in Commerce Street Superfund Site in Williston, VT

Caroline Troein
Submarine Internet Cable Vulnerabilities: Natural Disaster and Maritime Threats to Internet Network Cable Infrastructure

Madeline Wrable & Jessie Wang
Remote Sensing in Health Assessment: Using Climate Based Classifications in Assessing the Vulnerability of Schistosomiasis

Mengmeng Zhou
Whitman’s Pond Watershed Analysis

Michael Marks
Analyzing Access to Transit in the Nation’s Capital

Mark Timmerman
Viable Kite-Surfing Locations, MA

Baba Manas
Asian Neighborhoods in the New York Metropolitan Area: An Application of the Park/Burgess Model

Rebecca Betters
Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Analysis

Paige Bollen
Informal Settlements and Public Transportation in Cape Town, South Africa

Jacqueline Calderon
Identifying Sites for Green Affordable Housing Development in Boston

Grace Chan
Access to Food Resources in San Francisco County, California

Valerie Cleland
Gray Wolf Habitat Suitability Analysis for Washington State

Davis Brooke
Fighting the Nutrient Problem on Cape Cod, MA: Potential Sites for Alternative Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Jonathan Duval
Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites in RI: A Risk Assessment Based on Potential Human and Environmental Impact

Stephanie Flamenbaum
Violence and Votes: Geography and Citizen Insecurity in Recent Afghan Elections

Conrad Gessler
Where is the Veteran Community?

Kristin Haas
Identifying High-Opportunity neighborhoods in the Greater Boston Area for Section 8 Voucher Holders

Elissar Harati
Mapping the Conflict in Syria: Visualizing the Impact on the Civilian Population

Sara Hedtler
Tracing Contaminants in Cape Cod Drinking Water: A Vulnerability Analysis

Lauren Jayson
Receptiveness of Supplementary Feeding Program Beneficiary Mothers: Malawi, Africa

Kristine Keeney
Prioritizing Streets for Complete Streets Upgrades

Katherine Knolan
Bringing Light to Uganda: Off-Grid Electricity Suitability Map

Stephanie Krantz
Climate Change Vulnerability Analysis in Bangladesh: Mapping Geographical and Social Risk Factors

Seoho Lee
Public Health Vulnerability in Cambodia

Wah-Kwan Lin
Terrorism and Illiteracy: A Geospatial Analysis of Pakistan from 1998-2012

M.E. Malone
Food Security for an Aging Population: Congregate Meals and Food Pantries in MA

Betsy McDonald
Re-purposing Landfills for Solar Energy: A site suitability & prioritization analysis in MA

David Meyers
A Spatial Cluster Analysis of Massachusetts Infectious Disease Mortality, 2002-2011

K. Murphy
Lead Exposure: Identifying High Risk Communities in Brooklyn, NY

Elena Nikolova
Crude Oil Spill Density in North Dakota’s Bakken Shale

Valerie Oorthuys
Site Suitability for the Expansion of Boston’s Food Truck Program

Abby Farnham & Anthony Parisi
Anaerobic Digestion Site Suitability Analysis

Liana Przygocki
Using the Healthy Food Availability Index to Explore Corner Stores in Baltimore, MD

Shira Rascoe
Paying for Climate Change: How is climate change adaptation aid distributed?

Justinas Sileikis
The African Sahel: Identifying Potential Drought Related Ethnic Conflict

Liz Stockton
Burn Vulnerability Analysis in Northern New Mexico: Pinpointing Areas for Forest Fire Management

Yuqi Tang
City Build-out Analysis- Wakefield, MA

Zoraida Velasco
Suitability Analysis for Health Stores in Guatemala

Wiley Andrew
Transit Access in Six of Boston’s Core, Northern Suburbs: Is There Equity for Environmental Justice Communities?

Savannah Dix
Transportation Equity in Los Angeles County: A Demographic Analysis of the 2012 Bicycle Master Plan

Andrew Peng
Land Use Analysis: Sea Level Rise and Waterfront Inundation in Washington, DC

Madeleine Ball
Visualizing Groundwater Vulnerability: Tufts University, MABettisworth_Caitlin
Caitlin Bettisworth
Artistic Venues: Helping to Define Creative Communities

Emily Caplan
Food Environment Analysis in Somerville, Revere, Chelsea, and Everett, Ma

Alyssa Charney
The Conservation Reserve Program in the Upper Midwest: Prioritizing Contract Renewal Efforts

Kate Collins
Happiness Suitability Analysis: King County, Washington

Kaitlyn Davis
How Has Urbanization Impacted the Town of Brookfield, Ma: An Exploration of the Effect of Impervious Surfaces on the Risk of Flooding

Emily Edgerly
Mass Incarceration of Low-Income Communities of Color

Karim Foster
Underserved Asian-American Elders in the Greater Boston Area

Danielle Goryl
Achievement Gap Vulnerability in Ma: The Intersection of School Quality, Income & Housing Costs Risks in Ma Public School Districts

Abigail Harper
Urban Agriculture and Food Insecurity: Identifying Opportunities in Article 89

Leah Hermens
Using Oysters for Nitrogen Filtration in Cape Cod: Water Quality Considerations of Oyster Aquaculture and Reef Restoration Sites

Taylor Jang
Lear Change in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley: Where and When to Experience Peak Fall Foliage

Nathan Justice
Suitability Analysis for Elk in Montana

Samantha Kelly
Food Innovation Opportunity Areas in Boston

Alex Kolodner
The Baha’i Faith Compared to Race in American Counties

Joel Kruger
How the Location of Mines, Urban Areas and Elevation Impact the Distribution of Wealth in Peru

Julia Leis
Walkability in the “Green City in the Sun”: A Network Analysis of Nairobi

Megan Lehnerd
Access to Food Safety Net in Massachusetts

Dan Mingrone
Piracy and Conflict in the Nigerian Littoral: Risk and Change Analyses

Amelia Najjar
Areas at Risk of Homelessness: Homeless Shelter Locations and Proximity to Resources

Kathleen O’Brien
An Exploration of Urban Agriculture in Everett, MA

Scott Owades
Implementing Cylce Tracks in the Boston Area

Brenda Pike
From Waste to Energy: Siting Municipal Anaerobic Digestion/Combined Heat and Power Facilities in MA

Caleb Pykkonen
Applications of Remote Sensing to Hydraulic Fracturing in Larimer and Weld Counties

Yifei Ren
Suburbanization of Poverty: A comparison study among four cities

Matt Simon
Traffic-Related Ultrafine Particle Exposure in Boston, MA

Yuan Wang
Site Suitability Analysis for Biomass Energy Plants Using GIS

Jessica Webb
Optimizing Biodiversity Co-Benefits for REDD Programs in Peru

Erin West
Barriers to Regional Food Systems: New England’s Beef Slaughter Capacity and Proximity to Farms

Lurong Yang
A GIS- Based Spatial Analysis of Groundwater Vulnerability for Major Aquifers in Oklahoma

Anna Zuccolotto
Premium Vineyard Locations: Queretaro, Mexico

Lillian Wang
Optimal Sites for Public Recycling Bins: Somerville, MA

Krista Zegura
Identifying Deadliest Migration Corridors Along the Arizona-Mexico Border

Miles Grover
Preschool and Kindergarten Accessibility in Somerville, MA

Jessica Laporte
Mapping Land Cover Change in Haiti: 2000 – 2013


Alison Silverstein
Borehole Density and Schistosomiasis Disease Burden, Ghana

Lu Ocampo
Mapping Gentrification in Chicago, IL-2000-2010