General Policies


Tufts Animal Histology Core

General Policies


Thank you for using the Tufts Animal Histology Core.  We look forward to working with you one-on-one for your individual research project needs.  Please review the following core lab policies.


  • A completed online submission form including account number is required for work on a project to commence. 


  • All work requests are processed in the order in which they are received.


  • Priority is given to Tufts and Tufts Medical Center investigators if core workload levels or turn around time changes necessitate further prioritization. However, outside users are encouraged to use our services, and to date there has been no additional wait time for our external clients.


  • STAT requests may be accomodated if the histologists are available for overtime work. STAT services require approval from the CPS Director, and additional fees to cover overtime expenses will apply for the expedited service. If there are no work orders ahead of a STAT order, it will have regular submission order priority and will be done first at no additional expense.


  • Investigators will be notified when their work request is completed and should pick up slides, blocks, remaining tissues, and empty containers, as soon as possible.  Because the lab does not have storage space, any unclaimed materials may be discarded 90 days after project completion.


  • Please review the slides or other materials received from the lab as soon as possible after receipt.  If any problems are found with the services, notify the lab right away.  We welcome feedback on the slides so that we can ensure that your samples are prepared to meet your project’s needs. 


  • The Histology core strives to provide exceptional services and to maintain equipment to function properly.  Slide quality is a combined result of proper collection technique, trimming and placement in appropriate cassettes to avoid tissue damage or loss, fixation, processing, sectioning, and staining.  We recommend that you review the AHC guidelines for submitting tissues and that you ask the AHC staff for assistance with any techniques you are not experienced with.  The final slide quality will be a reflection of work from both your lab and ours.  The AHC is not responsible for labels lost in processing due to use of a marker that is not solvent resistant (use a pencil).


  • Special requests for services not listed on the fee schedule should be discussed with the AHC histologist and may incur additional fees based on additional technical or professional support necessary.  These can be discussed and agreed upon prior to services being rendered.


  • Investigators must attend training sessions and demonstrate a sufficient knowledge of the use of the cryostat in order to be approved for unsupervised use of the equipment. AHC staff reserve the right to revoke use of any equipment where it is determined that the user is not sufficiently knowledgeable about its use or is negligent in its use.


  • If AHC histology services are used for work that is published, we would appreciate a note in the acknowledgments that the Tufts Animal Histology Core provided the histology services.  This allows us to document use of the Core and provides justification for continued core services.  Thank you for using our facility.

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