On-Campus Housing

On-Campus Housing

If you are interested in living in on-campus housing, we have a limited number of spaces available in our larger hall located at 123 Packard Ave, as well as a number of smaller apartments in various Walnut Hill Properties. You can find more information on housing options on the Graduate Housing page of our website.


Students who are interested in on-campus housing must email residentiallife@tufts.edu. Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first-serve basis and preference will be given to incoming first year Fletcher graduate students.

At this time, due to the limited number of spaces available on campus, this will be based on a first-come, first-served basis. All others who are unable to be housed will be placed on a temporary waitlist should spaces open up, but are encouraged to seek off-campus housing options.

Walnut Hill Apartments

The apartments are located within a five-to-ten-minute walk to the Fletcher complex. The apartments are either three-or four-bedroom units. Generally, there is only one bathroom per apartment that is shared among all occupants. Each bedroom in the apartment will have the following furniture: bed with mattress, bureau, desk, and a chair. Some units may have additional furnishings, but that is not guaranteed. A washer and dryer are available either in each unit or in the shared basement. Utilities are included in the price of the apartment. Utilities included are heat, water, trash removal (from bins outside), electricity, and internet. Cable TV is not included. These apartments are typical of graduate student housing –not luxurious, but they are convenient to Fletcher and have the basics. Smoking of any type is not permitted both inside the apartment or on the porch/deck of the apartment. Pets are not permitted. Parking is limited to street parking only. Please note that these apartments have multiple steps and are not accessible. In addition, none of the apartments have a private bathroom.

Apartment Costs and Dates:

Spring Semester: (1/7/2023 - 5/31/2023): $5600

Videos of some of the apartments can be found below.  Please note that we do not have videos or photos of all apartments, but these should give you a sense of the types of apartments that are available. Not all apartments will have all items that may be shown in the videos (such as dishwashers, microwaves, kitchen utensils, and living and dining furniture).  The point of these videos is to show you what is typical in terms of the condition of the apartments.   These videos were taken last year when there are references to what would be in the apartments and some of these items may not be there for AY 2022-23.  At a bare minimum, each bedroom will have a bed and mattress, bureau, desk, and a chair.

Sample Apartment – 14 Whitfield

Sample Apartment – 29 Whitfield

Sample Apartment – 97 Curtis – Video A and Video B

Residence Hall at 123 Packard Avenue

Residence Hall at 123 Packard Avenue:

There are several spots available at this Tufts-run residence hall for Fletcher students.  Please note that if you click on the link above, it shows the back side of this residence hall and a view from Talbot Avenue. The location of this residence hall is ideal as it is about a block away from the Fletcher complex.  The residence has multiple steps and is not accessible.  There are no private bathrooms at this location.

The building has three floors of living space, of which the majority of the residents live on the second and third floors.  The basic layout of rooms is identical on the second and third floors and each floor has the following:

  • One split double for two students. A split double has one doorway from the hallway and a total of two rooms. Access to the second room is through the first room.  Students assigned to this space will determine how these rooms will be used (either as two bedrooms or as one shared space and one shared bedroom).
  • Two doubles for a total of four students. The doubles have one shared space and two separate bedrooms.
  • One triple for three students. The triples have one shared space and three separate bedrooms.
  • One bathroom that has two toilet stalls, one shower stall, and a double vanity/sink. This is shared with the nine occupants residing on the floor.

In addition, there is one split-double on the first floor with a shared bathroom across the hall.

Please note that all beds in 123 Packard Ave are twin XL.

We recognize that the split doubles may not be preferable and generally those committing to live in the residence hall for the full academic year will be given preference for one of the ‘suites’ that have private bedrooms.

The residence hall has lots of large common areas shared by all.  There are common spaces on the first floor and in the basement, as well as out in front of the building.  The basement also has a coin-op/ID operated washer and dryer and a kitchen with one refrigerator and stove that is shared by all residents.  Students living at 123 Packard are responsible for general organization and cleanliness of the shared kitchen space.

General cleaning of the bathrooms and common spaces and utilities (including wireless internet) are included in the housing fee.

Like all Tufts spaces, there is absolutely NO SMOKING in the building and within 25 feet of a building entrance.

123 Packard Avenue Room Rates and Dates:

  • Spring Term 2023 Only (January 12 - May 23): $4,944
  • Spring Term Only for new students attending January Orientation (January 7 - May 23): $4,944

Sample videos of 123 Packard Avenue: