Orientation Information

Dear Incoming Fletcher Students,

Welcome to the Fletcher Community! We are looking forward to welcoming you to Fletcher. 

Orientation is designed to assist you with your transition to Fletcher. The information briefings, sessions, and workshops will provide you the information you need to take full advantage of your first semester on campus. During Orientation, you will also meet members of the community, including administrators and faculty, who will be valuable resources throughout your time at Fletcher. More importantly, you will have ample opportunity to connect with incoming and continuing students. We hope that you take the time to get to know your classmates, as many of these friendships will last far beyond your time as a student.

More information about arriving on campus can be found on this page. Please use this site as a resource for important information to prepare you for matriculation at Fletcher.

Katie Mulroy
Director of Student Affairs

Orientation Schedule

January 2023 Orientation, which runs from January 10 – 12, 2023 is mandatory as information will be covered that is not offered at other times of the year (GMAP and GBA students are not required to attend)

You can view the Orientation schedule [here].

If you have any questions about orientation or student life, contact FletcherStudentAffairs@tufts.edu. For questions about your academic program, contact FletcherRegistrar@tufts.edu.

COVID-19 Policies

All students must follow COVID-19 policies while on campus. Please be sure to take a home COVID-19 test 24 hours prior to arriving on campus. If you test positive, please postpone your trip, contact FletcherStudentAffairs@tufts.edu and follow isolation guidelines.

Tufts University requires vaccination, including booster shots, against COVID-19 for all students prior to participating in on campus classes or activities. Tufts Health Service will assist students who have limited access to vaccine in meeting this requirement shortly after their arrival on campus. If you have not yet been vaccinated, please email FletcherStudentAffairs@tufts.edu prior to December 15th, 2023. Like other vaccine requirements in place for students, medical and religious accommodations will be considered. Please see the Tufts COVID-19 Vaccination Policy webpage for further information.

Equivalency Exam Information

The E201, E210M, and B205 Equivalency Exams will be administered during Orientation. These equivalency exams are administered, without exception, only twice during the academic year.

    • You are strongly encouraged to take the equivalency exams during your first semester; if you miss the equivalency exams, please note the next time the equivalency exams will be administered is the spring semester.
    • For more information and details about how to best prepare for the equivalency exams, please review the equivalency exams information section.

MBTA Passes (Boston Public Transportation Passes)

MBTA student discount passes are available to Tufts students. Visit Tufts Financial Services for the Discounted MBTA Pass Program 

Digital Platforms at Fletcher

We recommend that incoming students familiarize themselves with the different digital platforms that are regularly used at Fletcher. Please note that some platforms will not be accessible to incoming students until mid-late December.