Summer nanny (Arlington Heights)

We are looking for a summer sitter for our 4.5 yo girl and 6.5 yo boy. I’m a data scientist, and my husband is in academia. I will be working from home and should be available if needed (or I can hide upstairs if that’s more helpful). All our family members are fully vaccinated/boosted, and we are a non-smoking, no-pet family. 

Hours: 11 am-5 pm or 12-5 pm (kids will be at a camp in the morning).

Dates: 6/20-30, 7/5-21 (but we are flexible with dates. If you are only available for a few weeks and still interested in this opportunity, we can work something out). 

Duties: Spending time with our kids 🙂 They love art & craft, and outdoor activities (we live right across from the Hill’s Hiil Playground and the Summer Street Field). We also have plenty of toys/board games at home. There will be no other responsibilities such as kids pick-up/drop-off, house errands, etc.

Pay: $25-$27/hour

Benefits: Guaranteed hours of at least 5 hours per day ($125+/day). On top of the hourly wage, We will pay an extra $10 per day to reimburse transportation expenses (gas, bus, etc).

Location: Arlington Heights near the Ed burns ice rink. About 4 miles from the Tufts campus. We also have free parking.  

Contact: If interested, please reach out to