U.S.-Russia Relations Course


The online course DHP D282 Contemporary Issues in U.S. Russian Relations was co-taught by Professors Chris Miller of The Fletcher School and Igor Istomin of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) of the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Fall 2017,  Fall 2018, and Spring 2020. They will conduct it again in Spring 2022. The course was also co-taught by Professors Miller and Maxim Suchkov of MGIMO in Spring 2021.

The course explores a multitude of contemporary issues in U.S.-Russia relations. They include perspectives on global order, nuclear and military stability, normative agendas, the Euro-Atlantic order and conventional security, conflicts in the post-Soviet space, instability in the Middle East and Afghanistan, the rise of Asia, the rules of the global economic game, cyber and information threats, and the regulation of the global commons.