Capstone Projects

Medium- & Long-term Prospects for Advancing US Georgia Security Cooperation (Zviad Adzinbaia, 2018)

Deliberate Warfare: Destruction of Cultural Property During Armed Conflict in Bosnia & Armenia (Mariya Ilyas, 2018)

The Baltic Centre For Media Excellence: a Case Study On Media Literacy As a Tool Against Russian Disinformation (Cynthia Garcia, 2018)

Russian Foreign Policy and Putin’s Fear of Revolution (Speed Elliott Estebo, 2015)

The Socialist Construction of the Moscow Theater Festival 1933-1937 (Michael Leonard Kersey Morris, 2012)

The Southern Energy Corridor. Competition and Cooperation for Natural Gas Transportation in the Black Sea and Caspian Region (Liam P. Hardy, 2012)

The Dawn of a New Arctic Chessboard (Elizabeth Deheza, 2010)

Azerbaijan-and-Israel. Oil Islam and Strawberries: Pragmatism in Foreign Policy Between Unlikely Allies (Robert Marcus, 2009)

Prospect of Energy Link Between Central Asia and China. A Study on the Development of “Energy Silk Route,” the Turkmenistan-China Pipeline (Masato Kamiya, 2009)

Geopolitics of Energy in the Caspian Sea Region. Azerbaijan’s Challenges (Ilgar Mammadov, 2009)

Media Independence. Variables Affecting Freedom of the Press: Cross-Country Regression Analysis with Implications on Russian Media (Armine Simonyan, 2007)

Towards a New Model of Cooperative Development. Enhancing and Leveraging the Benefits of FDI for Emerging Economies (Sylvia Ciesluk, 2007)

Oil, Democracy and the Globalization of the Nagorno Karabakh Conflict (Hilary Sienrukos, 2007)

Time to Restructure the Ukrainian National Association. Here’s Why and How (Damian Olesnycky, 2007)

Terror-Crime Nexus. Terrorism and Arms, Drug, and Human Trafficking in Georgia (Colleen Traughber, 2007)

Misreading Moscow: Toward a New Interpretation of Russian Peacekeeping in the Early 1990s (Kristina Jeffers Thesis, 2006)

The Invisible Enemy: Suicide Terrorism in Chechnya and Sri Lanka (Jillian Manekas, 2006)

Strengthening the Nuclear Biological and Chemical Weapons Nonproliferation Regimes (Devin D. Jessee, 2005)

Emergence of New Political Identity in the South Caucasus. Energy, Security, Strategic Location and Pragmatism (Elin Suleymanov, 2004)

The Forty Year Crisis: Berlin (1948-1989) (Daniele Cosson-Schere, 2001)