The Fletcher School is proud to offer a diverse set of opportunities to learn and practice gender analysis both inside the classroom and beyond. In 2015, Fletcher announced the creation of a Gender Analysis in International Studies Field of Study, which has since evolved into Gender and Intersectional Analysis. You can read more about the course offerings, students’ capstone projects, and the faculty teaching in this field here.

The Fletcher Women’s Leadership Award recognizes the exceptional contributions of Fletcher’s alumnae in the private, public, and NGO sectors. For more about the award, and for the profiles of past recipients, please visit this page.

In December 2015, Fletcher students organized the school’s first ever conference on Gender and International Affairs. The conference continues to this day, as Fletcher approaches its ninth annual Conference on Gender and International Affairs. For more information on keynote speakers, panels, and workshops hosted in previous and future editions, visit the conference website.

Both inside the classroom and beyond, administrators, faculty, students, alumni, and staff are working to create more opportunities to incorporate gender analysis. Thank you for joining us!