GAIA events are organized by a multitude of student groups and Fletcher research centers, representing the diversity of gender issues of interest to this community.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events


  • Writing the Western Aquifer Crisis
  • Too Hot, Too Cold, Too Old: Climate Change Through the Eyes of Black Baby Boomers in the American South
  • Dr. Sima Samar Book Launch: “Outspoken: My Fight for Freedom and Human Rights in Afghanistan.”
  • International Women’s Day Celebration: All She Wrote
  • Founder’s Day Celebration & Presentation of the 2024 Fletcher Women’s Leadership Award
  • In Conversation with Cynthia Enloe, Author of Twelve Feminist Lessons of War
  • Negotiating Your Salary and Benefits


  • Second Annual Decolonizing International Relations Conference, Fall 2019
  • S.M.A.R.T. ALTERNATIVES AND SMART WOMEN with Ambassador Prudence Bushnell, Fall 2019
  • Roundtable Discussion with Ambassador Prudence Bushnell, Fall 2019
  • Empowering Future Leaders Workshop with the Massachusetts Women’s Caucus, Fall 2019
  • Fifth Annual Conference on Gender and International Affairs: [En]gendering Change: A Rally for Action, Fall 2010
  • Negotiations Skills for the 21st Century Leader with Jamie Lee, Spring 2020
Students and Evelyn Murphy of the Wage Project are yelling “I want my million dollars!” the estimated amount they will lose as MA level professionals due to the gender wage gap in the United States.


  • Achieving your Work–Life Balance with Aileen Axtmayer, Fall 2018
  • Fletcher’s Fourth Annual Gender Conference: Gender, Justice & Politics: Movement from the Margins, Fall 2018
  • First Annual Decolonizing International Relations Conference, Fall 2018
  • Third Annual One Billion Rising Revolution, Spring 2019
  • Fletcher Women’s Network Panel, Spring 2019
  • Negotiating your Salary and Raises’ with Evelyn Murphy, Spring 2019



  • “Transforming Violent Masculinities,” A student-run seminar sponsored by The World Peace Foundation, Spring 2016
  • Global Women Networking Reception, in partnership with the Fletcher Women’s Network in NYC and DC, Spring 2016
  • Fletcher’s Second Annual Gender Conference: Gender-Sensitive Leadership: Putting Theory into Practice, Fall 2016


  • Fletcher’s First Annual Gender Conference: Gender and International Affairs: Avenues for Change, Fall 2015
  • Dr. Holly Porter, “After Rape: Justice and Social Harmony in Northern Uganda,” Fall 2015
  • Gender Internship Panel: Discussing student experiences, Fall 2015
  • Dr. Maria Hadjipavlou, “Gender and Conflict Resolution in Cyprus,” Fall 2015


  • Dr. Gary Barker, “Troubled Men: Research and Program Responses on Masculinities and Conflict,” Spring 2015
  • Gender Analysis in Field Research: A Global Women Brownbag with Roxanne Krystalli, Spring 2015
  • A conversation with Tim McCarthy and a screening of The Lavender Scare, Fall 2015
  • Maria Beatriz Bonna Nogueria, LGBTQ Rights in International Law and Organizations, Fall 2015
  • Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Identity: Reflections on Social Identity, Fall 2015
  • Dr. Cynthia Enloe, “Patriarchy isn’t just a political side show: Why did it take me so long to figure this out?”, Spring 2014
  • Mehlika Hoodbhoy, “Gender Mainstreaming: A Workshop for Practitioners,” Spring 2014


  • Dr. Hannah Riley-Bowles, “Gender and Negotiations: An Evidence-Based Approach,” Spring 2013