Research Centers

These Centers frequently collaborate with faculty and students conducting gender analysis in research and programing.  Visit these Centers to see the gender analysis incorporated work they do.

The Institute for Human Security

The Institute for Human Security (IHS) focuses on the security and protection of individuals and communities while promoting peace and sustainable development.

To achieve this, IHS catalyzes collaboration between and creates synergies among the fields that place people at the center of concern: conflict resolution, human rights, humanitarian studies, and political and economic development.

Our research, education and training, and policy engagement therefore emphasize the following principles:

  • Protection and promotion of the rights of at-risk populations, particularly women, children, minority groups, and migrants
  • Empowerment of people through dialogue, negotiation/mediation, political participation, and training
  • Promotion of responsible government and institutional practices to better respond to development-, rights- and conflict-related challenges

Feinstein International Center

The Feinstein International Center is a research and teaching center based at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. Our mission is to promote the use of evidence and learning in operational and policy responses to protect and strengthen the lives, livelihoods, and dignity of people affected by or at risk of humanitarian crises.

The World Peace Foundation

The World Peace Foundation (WPF) is an operating foundation affiliated solely with Tufts University’s The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. It provides financial support only for projects that the Foundation has initiated itself.

WPF aims to provide intellectual leadership for peace. Our view is that the world needs a debate about world peace, drawing rigorously on evidence and theory.